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It’s Potty Time! Tips for Getting Started with Potty Training

It’s Potty Time! Tips for Getting Started with Potty Training… We’re in the very early stages of potty training right now. Abby is almost two, and is VERY ready to get rockin’ with this idea, but mommy has been a little reluctant, since I had NO idea how to even get started! But, thanks to the amazing peeps over at Pull-Ups, and their super fun Pull-Ups Potty Break site packed full of helpful tips, I’m ready for this new parenting adventure!

Potty Training Tips & Tools for Toddlers

Potty Training Tips for Toddlers

I realized a couple months ago that it was time to start looking into potty training, when Abby started telling us when she was wet, bringing us a diaper when it was time for a change, and getting really interested in watching me go potty. So, we got her a brand new little potty chair of her own – and right away, she wanted to sit on it EVERY time I went to the bathroom too. I thought, “Shoot, this is going to be soooo easy.” But, like most new stages of parenting, it’s not been so simple. A few things that are working for us so far:

  • Pull-Ups: These rock. I love that they pull up and down like big-girl pants, but that they also have the little pull-apart tabs on the sides, like diapers, to make it easy to change big messes too. Another thing that’s cool is that there are a couple different varieties to pick from – the Learning Designs, where the cute Disney princess design fades away when it gets wet, and the Cool Alert, to help kids learn to stay dry. Very cool features to help kids learn, right? {And they have overnight options too, so that kids can keep using their fun Pull-Ups that they love, but you can rest easy knowing you’re not going to wake up to a major mess.}
  • Great Potty Chair: Let your little one help you pick out their own chair, so that they’re excited about using it. {And – I am now a HUGE fan of the Tidy Tots now that I’ve gotten a chance to try them. Totally rock!} Make sure that the new potty chair is in an easy to access spot too, for little ones to get to whenever they’re ready to give it a try.
  • Big Kid Timer: I’m kind of lovin’ this tool on the Pull-Ups site – You can download it right to your PC or Mac, and use it to let kiddos know when it’s time to sit on the potty again. You know, Potty Time!! You get to pick either Lightning McQueen or Minnie Mouse – and it really is super helpful.

There are SO many other cool tools, resources, and tips on too – and you can pick from the stage that you’re in right now – Getting Started, Keeping it Going, or The Big Finish. And I found SO much stuff there that’s been a big ol’ help for us already. Totally recommend checking it out.

Potty Timer

Get your own Potty Timer too

Get the Big Kid Potty Break Timer for your own computer – to remind kids during the day when it’s time for another potty break. This is fun for them – but seriously helpful for you too. I know that I was always getting so busy and distracted all day, and would forget to take Abby in to try the potty again. So this is a perfect way to remind us both.

Make sure to check out a super helpful How to Start Potty Training infographic post too, for more easy to follow tips and tricks to help make potty training a success in your home.

So, stay tuned moms. Since we’re super early to all this stuff, I don’t have too much to share for tips or trouble shooting. But I’ll be blogging about our Potty Training Adventure here for the next few months, as a part of my new gig as a Pull-Ups Ambassador. You can see some of the other helpful posts I’ve been collecting on my Potty Training Tips board on Pinterest, and I’d love, love, LOVE to hear your best tips too….

What do you wish someone had told you when you first started potty training? Share some comment love!

{I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.}


How to Start Potty Training Today – #infographic

How to Start Potty Training Today – We’ve just recently started potty training with Abby… She’ll be 2 at the end of July, but she’s been showing signs that she’s ready for a couple of months now. So – if you’re in the same boat, and looking for a few helpfulPotty Training Tips for Toddlers too, check out this super smart infographic to help you start potty training today –

Browse more data visualizations.




Toddler-Proof Solutions for Everyday Living: Nini Baby! #Mompact

Making life a little easier for parents, and fun for kids – Jenn Namazi knows what it’s like to have toddlers. Her family’s two youngest children, a girl and boy, are just 15 months apart. In early 2009, while toting around her then 1 and 2 year olds, she grew frustrated with the throwing game that brought such delight to her children’s faces. She had invested in quite a few straps and other devices to try and keep cups and toys ‘attached’ to the stroller. Her kids had grown to the age where they outsmarted them, undoing or opening the Velcro or snaps that secured the toys and cups in place. “Somebody needs to make a toddler proof strap” she said. And luckily for us – that somebody was her!

Nini Baby toddler solutions

Smart Toddler Solutions

Abby is just now reaching that stage where she thinks throwing her cup on the floor, then crying frantically that she wants it back RIGHT NOW, only to toss it to the ground again and laugh, is a good time. And I am realizing that I was crazy to think that caring for a baby was “hard” – Toddlers are exhausting! At least a baby stays in one place most of the time, lol. I haven’t had a chance to try out any of the Nini Baby products yet – but they are definitely on my “must-have” list now that Abby’s getting bigger. These are such smart solutions!

See the Toy Bungee in action

Instead of velcro straps like pacifier clips for babies, the Nini Baby products use a cool non-toxic set of straps to keep things more secure. As you can see above, they’re simple to use, and seriously smart – your back will thank you when you get to avoid that nightly “bending down a hundred times to pick things up that baby threw down again” routine you’ve been used to! And, if you’d like to hear more stories from real life moms using the products in their own homes, check out some great reviews online. Or read the Amazon reviews on her great line-up of smart solutions:

  • NiNi Paci Bungee: BPA and lead free, fits all size pacifiers, easy to clean.
  • NiNi Toy Bungee: Toddler proof button closure. Can leave the base attached to carseat or stroller, and easily swap out items to attach.
  • NiNi Crayon Bungee: Holds 3 crayons at a time, giving little ones enough options to have fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Nini Baby products, visit them on their website, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new products and promotions.

Reviewer's Retreat connecting brands and bloggers


And speaking of connecting – You can learn more about the Nini Baby products from me, and Nicole, the mom-inventor behind the Buti-Bag – if you’ll be attending Reviewer’s Retreat this weekend! They are just one of the brands I’ll be helping to represent during the Sponsor Speedway portion of the events. I hope to see some of you there!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to partner with smart mom-invented brands like this, and working with some great bloggers on fun campaigns, you can learn more about how Mompact supports moms in business, and sign up to be part of the team at Question Moms.


How to Get Background Checks & References for Child Care Providers

One of the first things that I worried about, when I found out that I was going to become a mom, was childcare. In my city, like many others – it’s tough to find quality childcare that’s affordable. It’s scary enough leaving your new baby with a stranger – when you add in all the other worries like, “Is the facility safe? What are their qualifications? How do I know if there have been problems there??” – it can be really stressful.

Smart Solution:

I ended up losing my job while on Maternity leave, so I avoided the final decision of where to take Abby while I was at work. But before that – I had spent months visiting everything from small in-home daycares, to giant facilities. There were so many choices – but there were so many things to consider! I was honestly overwhelmed, and terrified of putting her in the wrong hands. So when I heard about this week, I knew it was a Smart Mom Solution that I had to share with you guys.

A little more about

Find and select the best care possible, including child care, special needs care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. Detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom-reviewed providers who are seeking to share their services. Click Here to learn more.

What do you think?

How did you decide on childcare the first time? Did you find a great option on the first try, or was it more trial and error? Have you used a site like to find reputable helpers for your own busy mom life? It’s totally worth checking out – it takes less than one minute to sign up, then you get access to the site, and can browse around and check it out. We’re thinking of having Abby in daycare one or two days a week soon, so she has a chance to play with other kids more often – So I am totally loving the help that this site provides!


This Month is All About Motherhood!

Abby, Maternity Pictures, Pregnancy Photos, Baby Bump

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Becoming a mother is something that completely changed my life. This quote describes it perfectly – Yes, the woman that I was existed, but not the mother. I became a whole different being once I had Abby… She is the best thing that ever  happened to me… I’m sure that most of you are nodding your head right now, in total understanding.

Sunshine Schedule 2012

This site is all about “Busy Mom Solutions” – the best products, the most helpful sites and services, and great tips and info to help you simplify your life, solve those busy mom challenges, and have a little bit more fun along the way. I love sharing new things that I discover with you guys – But sometimes, running everything that goes along with this site, while also trying to run a household, can get super overwhelming! So last month I set up an editorial calendar for the year, with a new theme for each month. Not every single post will relate to the months topic, of course, but it’ll be a fun way for me to stay organized, while providing great related content each month. You can find my whole calendar here – Sunshine Schedule 2012 – and get ready to start seeing some great posts for this months theme: Motherhood!

February is For Mommas!

I have a ton of great products to share with you guys – and I’ll be giving away a few of them too. I found some super cool apps to help moms stay organized on the go. I’ll be sharing {for the first time here} the emotional story of Abby’s birth, and giving you a place to share your stories too. And this month we are finishing up a re-do of the Master Bedroom that Abby shares with me – So look forward to Before & After pics of our new Momma & Playroom Space!

What do you love most about being a mom?

Share some of your favorite things about being a mom in the comments – I would love to feature some of your quotes and stories during the month, so be sure to leave an email that I can contact you at if you’d like to have them shared!


A Toddler’s Rules of Possession – #Humor

Funny Toddler Rules

So true, right?

I love number 5 – my little girl is at that stage right now. Not sure where this came from originally, but I found it today on Text Funny Pictures on Facebook. Feel free to share this around – It’s too funny not to, right?

Mr. Food


Busy Mom Solution: Tricycoo is Stylish, Affordable, and Fun!

Tricycoo from Joovy

This is what happiness looks like…

As moms, we always want to find the best and brightest products for our children – from healthy snacks, to the coolest toys – we want them to have the best. But sometimes we settle for lower quality in toys and gear due to tight budgets. Well, I have found a new “Busy Mom Solution” product to solve this problem – The Tricycoo from Joovy is made by a family owned company, with factories right here in the US. Like all Joovy gear, it’s made from only the best quality components – plus they offer the greatest customer care and support you’ll find. And best of all – this is one of those rare toys that can really grow with your child. Not only does it have awesome features that adjust to your growing child’s needs, but it’s such great quality that it will actually LAST long enough to make it through several stages! It’s hard to find well-built quality kids toys these days at affordable prices – but you’ll find some amazing choices on!

Bell on Joovy Scooter

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.” – William Stafford

Every detail has been thought of on the Tricycoo – and they are so much fun! This little bell on the handlebars delights Abby so much – she laughs and claps every time she gets it to ring! And it has a great retro type of sound – it reminds me of riding my bike around the neighborhood when I was a little girl.

Joovy Tricycoo


Another super great feature of the Tricycoo is the fun basket in the back – perfect to carry a mid-size diaper bag when we go on walks or on a trip to the park. And when we use the Joovy inside, Abby loves to fill the basket up with her “babies” – a random assortment of stuffed cats, dogs, or maybe even reindeer! It’s not big enough to be bulky or in the way – but definitely big enough to store all of your stuff. Super helpful.

Joovy Tricycoo Scooter


Kids never stay the same size for more than a few minutes – Everyone said that it would go by so quickly, and you know that it’s true. But you don’t really know it until you watch it happen to your own little one! It can be hard on a momma to realize they’re not a baby anymore – and sometimes it’s hard on the wallet to keep up with buying new toys and new gear for those fast-growing kiddo’s! That is what I love most about the Tricycoo – it’s meant as a beginner tricycle for kids as young as 18 months, {although Abby got hers last month at 16 months, and she fits perfectly!} – and it totally adjusts through each stage to fit your child as they grow. In the beginning, there are While your child is a beginner, there are “baby surround arms” to keep them safe while they learn balance. There is a little footrest that works perfectly while they get used to riding on it. As they grow, they can first use the pedals “unlocked”, so that they spin freely – then “lock” them and they can use their own push-power and ride like a big kid! While they’re learning, you get to control the bike by pushing and steering with the Parent Push Handle – It is SO cool that I can steer her around while we go on walks – Love this feature.

Joovy Tricycoo Collection

Learn More

As you can see – the Tricycoo comes in four super cheerful colors, and adjust from a beginner tricycle to a big kid bike! {Suggested for 18 months to 44 pounds}. To learn more about the Tricycoo, and all of the other totally amazing Joovy products – check them out online at

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on new products and fun promotions!

And check out my album on Google+ to see more pic’s of this great kids tricycle – We had an incredible time trying it out and taking pictures, and it is definitely one of my very favorite kids products that I’ve seen this year!

{Disclaimer: We were provided with a complimentary Tricycoo from Joovy to review and share with you – but all photos, opinions, and overuse of exclamation points are my own – I love the Tricycoo!}