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All Things Baby – And How to SAVE On Them All Too!

Save big on all things baby… Ok, you probably know that I’m a frugal type. I’ve always been careful with my money, always searched out the best deals, always invented new ways to stretch my dollars further. This comes from growing up poor… {Like, real poor. Like, family that the church sponsored one year at Christmas.} I watched my mom use our very meager resources in creative ways, always making sure that life was still fun and full – even on a low budget. That background has helped me in so many ways as an adult, and I’m so grateful for it. I never could have made it as a new mom without those frugal skills….

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Shrink Your Grocery Bill Today with this Smart Idea

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins… This is such a great quote, and while it is relevant to every area of life, it’s especially right-on when it comes to your finances. I know so many women who say they just “don’t get” finances, that following a budget is too restrictive, or that they don’t know how to save more. Well ladies, I’ve got some tips to share today that will help you save a ton of money, with very little time or effort. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Pinky promise.

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How to Blend Functionality and Fabulousness for Fantastic Savings

Fab exists for one simple reason: To make you smile…. Sounds good already, right? Well, it’s going to get even better, so hold on to your handbags, fashionista mommas….

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Cheap Kids Movies on DVD – 14 Family Movies Under $5 Bucks

Looking for cheap kids movies? Well – you’ve come to the right spot, ladies. There is a HUGE selection of cheap kids DVD’s on Amazon right now – I found 14 movies all under $5 bucks each, and I guarantee you that there are more. And these aren’t those weird – “Dora’s Holiday Special from 1999” type of movies. These are good ones. Most are newer, a couple are from my childhood, and all are awesome. And for less than $70 bucks, you could actually buy ALL 14 if you wanted to! Sweet deal, right?

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Best Buy New Year Clearance Blow Out

You guys know I’m a total Best Buy girl, right? I was already a huge fan, and relied on the experts there to help me on any of my big {and small} tech purchases. Then I got the opportunity to become a part of the Best Buy Blogging Ambassador for a year, and was as excited as a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. {Remember that amazing Bieber Wedding Fever video from last year? Still love that…} Anyway. Right now I have a few Best Buy gift cards to use, and was browsing their site. And check this out ladies –

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Best Baby Monitor Gift this Season! – #DealsoftheDay

These are definitely the days for deals, right? The big day is quickly approaching, and it’s time to wrap up all of that holiday shopping before it’s too late! And, to help you find some of the sweetest savings this week, from now until Thursday, I’ll be sharing the newest Deal of the Day from Sears with you! All week, these deals have been my highest traffic posts of the week! There was the the Digital Camera Binoculars, and then the super cool Android Tablet deal. Hope you love today’s deal just as much. And, this is the last deal of the day that I’ll be posting, for you to get in time for Christmas…

Sears’ Deal of the Day offers exclusive one day promotions on different products at amazing prices. Check back daily for the best deals on products. Sears is your online destination for last-minute gift ideas at super affordable price-points. And, these deals will be pulled from every category Sears carries – like jewelry, electronics, tools, clothing, toys, furniture, and more. That means there’s something for everyone! Get ready for it – today’s deal has TWO awesome products at huge discounts…

Stanley 40 Amp Automatic Car Battery Charger w/ LCD DisplayCharging your car battery is a breeze with this Stanley Battery Charger

This innovative device automatically selects a charge rate from 0 to 40 AMPS to maximize battery life, charge speed and maintenance. The easy to read digital-display LCD screen offers clear and concise information. Other features include spark resistant reverse hook-up protection, microprocessor controlled digital diagnostics and a moisture protection coating.

Stay fully charged with this Stanley 40 Amp Automatic Car Battery Charger w/ LCD Display, 1-Touch Technology & Moisture Protection! Get it for only $49.99 at Sears now.

Do you have a new mom, or mom to be?

 Then an awesome gift for them this year would be a ClearVu® Digital Wireless Technology Baby Monitor! ClearVu® technology ensures outstanding image and sound clarity so that you can watch and listen to your child up to 500ft away, giving you total piece of mind. The large LCD gives you Superior Viewing Quality – Imagine what you will catch your baby doing on this bright, clear, large 3.5” LCD screen. Temperature Monitoring to Ensure Safety – Many studies indicate that your baby’s room should be between 68-70° F (20-21° C). Talk to Baby Intercom – Soothe your baby from a distance with the Talk to Baby™ intercom. Five Soothing Lullabies – Turn lullabies on and off as well as change the song being played all from the parent unit with the simple push of a button. The built-in night vision allows you to see your child, even in complete darkness up to 10ft away. When the lights go down the system automatically adjusts to the level of light. Relaxing Nightlight – The baby unit has a gentle nightlight that you are able to turn on and off from the parent unit. Voice Activated Control – Conserve battery power and sleep well at night with VOX activation. The camera can be wall mounted so you can easily view your baby in its crib as well as see all other parts of the nursery. 24/7 Lifetime Live Customer Support – Our customer support team can be reached by phone 24/7 or by email and live web chat services, so you always have access to an expert. List of Contents – 3.5″ LCD video monitor, night vision camera, rechargable battery (monitor), 2 power adapters, instruction manual, 24/7 lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer’s direct warranty.
Keep an eye on your little one with this Levana LV-TW502 Monitor for only $104.99 at Sears!
{Disclaimer: I’m a Sears blogger, but all opinions are my own.}

Five Raddest Gifts for the Men in Your Life

“There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” – Erma BombeckLuckily for men, there are few that have really grown up, lol. When it comes to the holidays – I don’t know if you’re one who’s shopping for a hubby, brother, dad, or other – but most of us have some guys in our lives to shop for, and they can be tough. So, here are a few of my favorite dude deals for the holidays – all available at Best Buy!

Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom with Sensor

This is super cool. Do you know an active guy – a guy who’s all about the gym, how many steps taken during the day, how many reps did you do earlier? It’s a SportWatch with sensor that measures time, distance, pace and calories burned for versatile use. The built-in GPS lets you track pace and elevation changes, plus other route data. Super smart. Get the Nike Sportwatch.

Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones

Do you have a mister who LOVES the video games? Is so, you so need these headphones… Not only will HE love them, because they make the sound more rich and real, but you’ll love ’em because you don’t have to hear his darn games all night long anymore! Get the  Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset.

Garmin GPS system

Hit the road and arrive at your destination with ease using this GPS that features preloaded base maps of the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Lifetime map updates ensure you have up-to-date information when you travel. What man doesn’t LOVE GPS? It gives him a way to get directions, without EVER admitting it, lol. Get the Garmin – nüvi 40LM 4.3″ GPS with Lifetime Map Updates.

GoPro HD Camcorder

The GoPro HERO3 HD Camcorder

I so want one of these!!! This is just the coolest thing – You can mount it anywhere, and it records in amazing HD quality. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you control the camera from a compatible device {like a smartphone or tablet that has the GoPro app} or a Wi-Fi remote. Imagine what your mister could do with this – does he hunt, ride motorcycles, drive racecars {what my Mister does}, or even if you just watch the kids sports – whatever! You can record awesome HD video, on a sweetly smart device, that can be mounted anywhere. These are just so cool – GoPro – HERO3 HD Camcorder – Silver.

Camera that's smaller than a salt shaker

Super Spy Camera

Do you have a guy who loves spy movies? Then get him his own spy-ready digital camera – the Nikon Coolpix SO1 is smaller than a salt shaker, fits in a front tee shirt pocket, or dudes denim pocket, and still takes rockin’ photos. {See some rockstar example photos here.}

As a Best Buy Blogging Board Member and Brand Ambassador, I get the chance to check out cool new gadgets and gear from Best Buy. But, I only promote the products that I think are rad – I love this stuff, and think the men {or you!} you will love these products too!