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Black Friday Deal & Freebie Round Up

It’s almost time… As I sit here processing all of the turkey in my tummy, I’m surfing the web looking for the very best Black Friday deals and freebies to do my own shopping, and of course, to share with you guys! Hope you find some stuff here you love, and if you do – I’d love for you to share this on Twitter or Facebook with your friends too. Because that’s why I like sharing my finds with you guys – shopping is more fun with friends :) Skip the crowds and shop online – from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, I’ll be posting deals like crazy. Subscribe to my email updates, follow my Frugal Living column, or check out my Facebook & Twitter for new updates all day each day!

Black Friday bonus deal tote from Bath & Body Works [Read more…]


Black Friday Deal: Free $250 Handbag with Purchase

Ohmyheck ladies – this is sah-weeeet! Starting at midnight on 11/28, through 11:59 on 11/29/13, when you buy a handbag worth at least $49, you’ll get another FREE handbag, worth up to $250, for FREE!! Whaaaaat? I know. Amazingsauce. This is on a site that’s long been a fave of mine for scoring crazy-good deals on purses, accessories, and make up. It’s called Little Black Bag. Watch the video to see how it works, then keep reading to learn how this freakin’ crazy good deal works, for one day only:

Awesome, right? You just browse the site, find your fave bag, and get loads of cool freebies. After shopping online for so many years, it’s almost hard for me to buy stuff in a store. All I can think is… “I bet I could find a better deal/earn free cash back/get bonus goodies – if I was buying this online…” Lol. So I love sites like this – they combine rockin’ products, amazing deals, and super sweet freebies into one cool way to shop. Love-love. But, let’s get to the extra-awesome Black Friday special deal that will totally rock your socks, right?

Little Black Bag - Holiday deals on purses [Read more…]


Big Black Friday Deals at Land of Nod

If you’re a kid, if you have kids, if you know kids, or if you used to be a kid – then The Land of Nod is perfect for you. They have such a magical selection of delightful toys, beautiful decor, and practical pieces that put the fun into functional {yes, I really said that, lol.} We have quite a few pieces from Land of Nod in our playroom, and they’ve all held up wonderfully. And – they’ve got one of their biggest sales of the year right now, for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Land of Nod is offering 15% off your whole entire order with promo code SAVE15, and it all items ship free {excluding furniture}. This starts on Black Friday and lasts through Cyber Monday. And when I say all, I mean all – bedding, rugs, toys, gifts, beanbags, nod chairs, play tables, wall art, lighting and much more This is a HUGE promotion!! So get the holiday shopping season started off with a bang!


Cuddly Faux Fur Fashions for Girls

What’s cuter than an adorably chubby cheeked little girl? A adorably chubby cheeked little girl wrapped up in an equally adorable furry coat and hat. For reals. I’m such a sucker for anything fuzzy wuzzy and cozy during the cold winter months {faux fur, of course.} So I’ve been loving some of the awesome deals on winter gear at lately. Check it out:

Christmas Card idea

How cute is this, right? This is Abby all bundled up on our way to a party – and it made the perfect picture for our Christmas cards! {FYI – this design is from the Tiny Prints 2012 Holiday Cards collection.} This exact coat isn’t available right now – but check out the other collection of really similar items they’ve got right now: [Read more…]


Black Friday Shopper Giveaway on Erin Condren – $7,500 in Prizes!!

Have you heard of Erin Condren? If so – you already totally know why I love her products. If not, I have a treat for you today! is a lifestyle brand – she customizes and stylizes everything from life planners, acrylic trays, holiday cards, iphone cases, and more! You can add names, photos, and more – and everything is so bright and modern and cheerful. Just browsing around her site makes me feel happy :) And, right now if you sign up to get her newsletters, you’ll get a $10 OFF coupon for your first purchase! I’m not sure how long that’ll last, so jump on it, pronto. {And keep reading – at the end of the post I have an awesome Black Friday coupon code to save BIG on all of this good stuff.}

The cutest holiday labels [Read more…]


Confetti Kisses: Mix and Match Fashions for Girls

Do you have a little fashionista in your life? I sure do. I love it… I love it even when she raids my jewelry box and piles on 32 bangle bracelets and all of my necklaces. Sure, she has her share of total fashion mishaps – like last week, when she put on daddy’s work boots, her no pants, no shirt, with a coat, one glove, and a blonde mermaid wig – and then proclaimed that she was ready to go outside and play in the rain. That was a bit of a fashion fail, lol. But, she’s gotten very interested in what she wears lately {she turned 3 in late July} – so I’m trying to choose more pieces that mix and match well, to reduce morning arguments. If most of her closet matches moderately well, then it’s easier for her to choose her own outfit, you know? Which is why I’m very excited to introduce you to a brand I just discovered… Friends, meet Confetti Kisses.

Girls Fashions [Read more…]


It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like…. Halloween!

I love the holidays. I love celebrating. I love parties. I love decorating and crafting and cooking and baking and fun. And Halloween gets me extra excited. Not because it’s my favorite holiday – but because it’s like, the kick off to the best part of the year for me. I mean – Halloween comes with loads of cool stuff anyway, like costumes and pumpkins and treats. But it’s like the door opening to a non-stop extravaganza of holiday fun for the whole rest of the year.

Fall wreath - ProFlowers fall and Halloween decor

We decorated the house weeks ago. Grandma {my mom} lives with me part of the time, and always helps us put up decorations. I remember helping her when I was a kid {and we still have so many of the same decorations we had back then – I love it.} So it makes my mom-heart happy to watch Abby get so much enjoyment following along with grandma and putting up fun stuff for each holiday too. Priceless. We’ve got a spooky graveyard outside, lights in the bushes and trees, and lots of ghosts and goblins inside the house too. So, while I have lots of awesome pieces to decorate the house {and am trying to cut down on buying more. *Trying*} – you do always need a few new things for a holiday like Halloween. I’m talking costumes, baking supplies, and of course – CANDY. 

Abby and I decided to take a little shopping trip to Target yesterday, to pick up a few fun festive additions. I’d already ordered one Halloween costume {Little Red Riding Hood} – but since we have four different Halloween parties to go to over the course of two weeks, I figured it’d be a good idea to have two costumes. I mean, you know how messy a 3 year-old gets with her treats, right? And I am so so so so so so sosososososooso SO in love with her in this Merida costume. {You’ve seen Brave, right?} We love anything with Disney Princesses, but Merida does have a special spot in my heart… She’s a very feisty, independent, fearless girl. Just like Abby. [Read more…]