Life is Better with a Boat….

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I have so many great memories, throughout my whole life, that involve boating. When I was a little girl, I used to love fishing days with my dad. We’d load up the camper, hook up the trailer to bring the boat, and always – always – stop at 7-11 to get those raspberry-filled powdered sugar doughnuts. We might go out for just the day – or make a long weekend out of it. He would catch fish, I would throw them back when he wasn’t looking, he’d catch more to make up for it. But even when we didn’t catch any fish at all – it was great time to bond with him. He helped me learn an appreciation for the outdoors, that I’m excited to share with Abby as she grows up.

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How to Create a Vertical Hanging Succulent Garden

Gardening inspired by Pinterest – Learn how to create your own succulent container garden… I’d always heard about the free workshops at the Home Depot, and they sounded super fun, but I’d never actually attended one before. Why? Well, I don’t really know. I suppose just because I’m always so busy. I always said, “Next month I should check that out…” Then a few weeks ago I was invited to help host one of the Do-It-Herself Workshops here locally. It was all about gardening inspired by Pinterest, and would be teaching attendees how to create their own succulent container gardens. The Home Depot experts would be on hand to share tips and advice – and they wanted me to offer up some fun design tips, to help the women at the event learn how to make their garden unique. I am SUCH a fan of succulents – {remember the ones I planted in mason jars recently?} – so of course I jumped at the opportunity!

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Tell Me Why You Love Home Depot – Win $100 Gift Card!

Hey ladies…. Are you a DIY type of gal? I’m betting that a lot of you are. Because DIY doesn’t just mean throwing on a tool belt and picking up some power tools. It’s all about taking charge, learning new skills, discovering ways to do things yourself instead of paying someone to do it, and finding creative new ways to make your home your own – all in a way that fits your budget. I bet that now you’re nodding your head, saying, “You’re right Meagan. I think I am a DIY type of momma….” Which means that you’re gonna love what I have coming up in this post…

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Gardening: Bigger, Brighter, Better!

I’m super excited to share some great gardening tips with you guys today - I’m a sponsored blog partner with Pennington and am participating in their Pennington Smart Feed Program campaign. So I’ll be sharing some of the products we use to kick off the garden for spring, and keep it rockin’ all the way through until fall. And if you’re a newbie gardener, don’t worry – I’m no pro either. But I’m learning as I go what works and what doesn’t, with some guidance from my amazing Master Gardener mother. First, let me show you a little of what I’m working with…

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Outdoor Living is a Lifestyle…. #GrillingisHappiness

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” – James Dent…. For some of you, it might be hard to believe… But summer isn’t all that far away. I mean, I know we haven’t even officially hit spring yet, but here in Central Washington, we’ve got buckets of sunshine lately, and are already out grilling  steaks on the deck for dinner some nights. {Ok, I admit it – we grill in parkas in the snow too. We love to grill. Lol.} And – I’m just all about outdoor living. We were super lucky to move into a new house two years ago, that has a big in-ground pool, a ginormous shop for storage, and Mike’s vinyl business, and a big property. It all still needs a lot of love, but it’s a wonderful work in progress!

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Get $1,000 for a Bug Free Backyard Bash

Combat Household Pests and Win Big!

This video hits it perfectly – that is exactly what it’s like around here trying to fight pests and bugs! I didn’t have as much trouble when I used to live in town. But now that we live outside of the city, we have big wasp nests out on the shop bays, ants around the patio cracks, and lots of spiders and bugs that try to sneak in from the fields and garden out back. But we’re going to be trying out a few bottles of this Combat spray – I’ve heard awesome things about it. And – if you want to have a Bug Free Backyard Bash too, enter to win today! You’ll also find links to help you make a plan of attack to fight pests, coupons to save on products, and more tips and strategies. Love it, right?

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How-to Guide to ‘Check Your Deck’ this Summer #Infographic

Deck Safety Infographic: Do you know how to tell if your outdoor living space is as safe as it should be? These simple to follow tips will help you ensure that your deck or porch is in tip-top shape, and ready for summer fun. {And it will offer a few ideas to help you fix any problems you find too!}