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Weekly Bloggertunities – 1/11

Blogging Opportunities

“Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You’re the only one who can do it permanently.” – Zig Ziglar

I’m excited to share another weekly round-up of bloggertunities to help you earn more income, build more traffic, and have some fun too. If you’re a business or a blogger interested in having your event, brand opportunity, or blogger outreach program connected with my readers in next Wednesday’s post  – email Meagan at for rates and details. And, if you have a cool opp that you’ve come across this week that you have permission to share, feel free to leave it in the comments here! {Remember – it is incredibly important that you have permission from your contacts before sharing their information with other bloggers. It’s a professional courtesy, and the right thing to do.} And feel free to share THIS list with other great bloggers you know too.

Product Review Opportunities

  • WOLF @ Best Buy Bloggers: Apply to join this cool blogging program – Get the opportunity to review new gadgets and products from Best Buy.
  • Join Fill in your info, set your rates and categories, and they’ll contact you with cool new opportunities that you quality for – Buy Reviews.
  • WB Word: Apply to join the WB Word of Mouth Marketing Team! Partner with them to promote your favorite shows and movies.

Awesome Events to Attend

  • Reviewer’s Retreat: I’m going to be speaking at this event – sharing my best tips on how to increase your traffic and fan base. {Super excited about it!} This event is targeted directly at review bloggers – something many other conferences don’t cover. Learn more – Reviewer’s Retreat 2012 – and use code RR12MSM to receive $30 off the already discounted Early Bird pricing – limited time!!
  • AdSense: There are AdSense events planned in different cities around the country. If you could use some training in maximizing your AdSense earnings – check it out and see if there’s an event near you!

 Giving Back:

  • Mom Bloggers for Social Good: I’m so proud to be a founding member of this new group – and would love to have you join us. If you are passionate about spreading helping to promote great campaigns that give back in communities around the world – learn more, and join us today.
  • Love Yourself Giveaway: I’m co-hosting this one, and part of the money goes to a charity that’s very near to my heart – Learn more, and sign up here – Join Now.

 Twitter Leads:

Check out ShePromotes Twitter Lead Tuesday – and find a ton of great leads you can follow up on.

Affiliates to earn cash money!

  • Deal Junkies: Do you love finding great deals and sharing them with your friends? Then you’ll LOVE zuuzs – you get rewarded with cash. Very cool – Learn more here.
  • Social Spark: Get offers weekly for sponsored posts – Only write about the products and services YOU are interested in. Payouts are great. Join Social Spark.
  • Coupon Lovers: If you’re a total pro at couponing, and love sharing that knowledge with others – this might be a perfect fit for you. The Couponizer is adding new affiliates, where you earn a percentage of sales. And, they have another very cool opportunity – Become a Couponizer Coach. You buy a kit, get access to support and some cool programs, and earn money by reselling the Couponizers. If you teach coupon classes, this could be a money-maker for you!
  • Escalate Network: I love the quick payouts – Fastest of any affiliate I work with. Check them out – Escalate.
  • zuuzs: If you’re not yet a member of, you’re totally missing out. I earn a consistent monthly income with them, and love getting my own cash back when I shop too! Plus, for a limited time, you can earn a bonus of .10 cents per blogging referral, on TOP of your regular earnings. Learn more about how you earn money with zuuzs, or sign up here.
  • This is an amazing affiliate company – I think that they track their conversions better than anyone else. Sign up here – Join Integrate. Or if you’re already using them, read my How to Get Started with Integrate post.

Events to Join

  • Stumble Tumble Tuesday: I get incredible traffic to my blog from StumbleUpon! Come learn how to use it, and link you YOUR favorite posts each week. {Just started yesterday – come join us!}
  • Love Yourself Giveaway: As I mentioned – I’m co-hosting this one, and part of the money goes to a charity that’s very near to my heart – I’d love to have you sign up to be a part of this – Join Now.
  • Couponizer Giveaway: Only $1 to join – Starts on Monday, Jan 15th. Sign up Here.
  • Let’s Get Cooking Giveaway: This one is SO much fun! For entries, people will leave their favorite recipes, that can then be shared on your own blog! Read the post for full details and sign up info – Let’s Get Cooking.
  • Twitter Blast: I was in the last one, and it’s a rockin’ event! Only $1 to join, Twitter link only. Sign up – Twitter Blast Giveaway.
  • Fatten Your Wallet Friday: This is a weekly event, and the prize is $50 cash! Learn more and sign up – $50 Friday Giveaway.

 Build a Better Blog in 2012

We’re finishing up the First Week of Blogging ebook from Probloggers – and getting ready to do a 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge! Read more, buy the ebook, and link up to join us – this is going to be an awesome way to boost your blog to the next level this year!

Blogger Only HOT Giveaway

Click to head over and enter this giveaway – It’s for bloggers only – and there are some totally awesome prizes. Let them know that I sent you their way – then share it with YOUR bloggy buddies too!

Good luck – and enjoy the rest of your week!


Weekly Blogging Opportunities – 12/7

Road sign of opportunity

Weekly Blogging Opportunities

Here are this weeks blogging opp’s – plus a few great networks to check out if you’re not already a member. If you have any favorite networks, resources, or have found a great opportunity this week that you can share – please feel free to leave a comment! I’m sure everyone else would love to know about your favorites too. And if you’re a company that is interested in connecting with bloggers, please contact me at, and I can share your info in next weeks post. Have a great week!

Product Opportunities – Review &/or Giveaways:

  • Mom Blog Society: Apply for a Seneca Farms Oatmeal Review and Giveaway. Follow her site – she posts tons of great info, opportunities, and events.
  • Booksneeze: Make a quick account, pick a book you like, then – if you come back and link to your review, you can choose another! Mostly Christian titles, but a wide selection, with options for almost everyone. Free Books for Review.
  • Saline Ambassadors: They are now recruiting for product ambassadors, this includes Saline Soothers and Boogie Wipes – both totally amazing products. I’m an Ambassador and love it – applications accepted until December 31 – Apply for Saline Ambassador.
  • Free Santa Letter: They’re looking for bloggers to partner for a “Santa Magical Package Giveaway” – sounds cool, right? Email if interested:
  • MomSelect: For bloggers and non-blogging moms! Sign up for an account, share your interests and info, and watch for fun opp’s to come your way. I’ve had some really amazing things come out of this. Fun opp’s for bloggers and moms.
  • Sits Girls: Fill out their application to be partnered with brands in your area for fun opportunities!

Giveaways to Join:

Cash Giveaway: Join one of my great blogging buddies for her 5K Facebook Fan Giveaway! The joining fee starts at only $2 bucks, and she’s awesome to work with. Check it out – Money Saving Parent Giveaway Sign-Up.

Twitter Leads: 

Bags by eBags PLEASE RT: We’re seeking #bloggers to review travel products. @ reply @bags_by_ebags if you want to partake in this! #travel #review #blog

Money to Make:

  • Kids Crafts: Holiday craft ideas wanted! Find more info, pays between $8 and $15 per idea – Paid Posts for Kids Crafts.
  • Read more about how it works – How To: Earn Money with zuuzs – or sign up here. I’m earning cash with them daily – it’s starting small, but it’s consistent, and I think there is a ton of potential!
  • Social Spark: Earn with sponsored posts and cool products. Sign up here – You Blog, You Profit.

Affiliates to Join:

  • Logical Media: This has some offers that I can’t find on other sites, like certain survey sites I use. Payouts take longer, but it’s worth it if they have some offers you love.
  • Escalate Media: My favorite by far, quick payouts and responsive reps.
  • Integrate Media: This is a little trickier to get started, but it’s amazing. Great offers, huge variety, and super cool tools. Read this if you need help – Getting Started with Integrate – or sign up here.
  • MySavings Media: Promote coupons, freebies, and deal offers and earn cash.

Share the Love!

Feel free to share this post, or any of the links here, in your favorite networks, groups, or forums – all of these opp’s are open to anyone. If you have a great opp to share – feel free to leave it in a comment. And if you’re a business or brand who would like your blogger programs or opportunities shared, please email me at to be included next week! Happy Holidays!


{Direct Sales Directory} Staci Shares Her Inspiring Story!

Arbonne Direct Sales Rep

Staci from Arbonne

You’ve met Staci from Arbonne before – I shared a little bit about how she got started with Arbonne, and what excites her about her business. And you can find her contact info in the Beauty, Skin Care, and Cosmetics category of the Direct Sales Directory. You can email her anytime if you have questions about products, and she’ll give you personalized suggestions on what would be best for you. And if you’re interested in building your own Arbonne business in the new year – she would love to have you join her team!

Read Staci’s Inspiring Story –

Arbonne is all about ordinary people, like me, achieving extraordinary things. It’s all about empowering yourself, as well as others, to develop the innate abilities, talents and natural success that every last one of us possesses. As my team grows, my dedication to Arbonne grows. As I move through the ranks of District Manager, to Area Manager, I am bringing people along for this outrageous ride! I want people not just from Long Island, New York, but also Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and any other person out there in any other state in the U.S.A. to join me!

Her Personal Goal is Empower other Women!

It’s my goal, in my life, to make sure everyone that I meet, knows about Arbonne products. How they are pure, safe and beneficial for people to use on themselves, their family and their friends. I would never use any other products on my kids, nor would I ever use any other products on myself! As I reach out to show people these amazing gifts I have, I’m always on the lookout for those who want to EMPOWER themselves. Those who want financial freedom. The freedom to work for themselves and never have to answer to their boss, or ask their boss for a day off to spend with their sick child, or to spend time away on a vacation for Spring Break!

Imagine what you can achieve…

I’m in search of those who want to drive a car, without having to PAY FOR THE CAR! Not just any car, a White Mercedes Benz of YOUR CHOICE. It’s your name on the Title, not Arbonne’s name. They just pay for the car! I want to find people who crave traveling, because when you do Arbonne FULL OUT, you earn trips to places like Atlantis, Bahamas, NYC and Hawaii. There is no better place to be right now, then Arbonne. It’s not just the money you make, the products you will share, or the trips you’ll earn, or the car you’ll drive – it’s about the lives you will change with this gift of Arbonne.

Arbonne provides for her family

My favorite part about Arbonne is being able to leave my business to my family. TWO GENERATIONS of my offspring will benefit from my hard work, dedication and LOVE of Arbonne. No corporate job ever offered me anything like that. I’d be lucky if I was allowed to pay for my own medical insurance, maybe get a life insurance policy thrown in.

And I started it all with just a couple hundred dollars for my ID number and some Gold Bags to share with the world.

Join my team, become a preferred client, or become a client. Any way you dice it, Arbonne is going to change your life for the better. Join me over at my site,, get to know me and sign up!

The Direct Sales Directory

Staci’s story is exactly what I love to promote with my Direct Sales Directory! As busy moms, it can be really difficult to find income options that are flexible enough to allow us to play an active role in our families lives, while also be rewarding enough to be worthy of the time and effort we put into them. You can browse the great companies listed in the directory to find the one that is the perfect fit for YOU and YOUR family! Build your own business, be your own boss – And build a better future today!

Are you a Direct Sales Consultant who is excited about sharing your business? Learn more about the how to join the Direct Sales Directory today! 


Weekly Blogging Opportunities

New Weekly Blogging Opportunities!

Sorry I’m late on this tonight… I’ve got a sick toddler. You know how fun that is, right? Anyway – you can usually expect this post to be up by 5PM PST every Wednesday – and I’m going to set up a tab on the site to make it easy to find. I’ll do that before next weeks post. And, if you have any cool opp’s that you want to share, feel free to leave a comment, so everyone can benefit. And feel free to share this post in your networks or groups too – I hope that some of these leads can help you out each week!

Review & Giveaway Leads:

  • EcoStore USA: They’re looking for bloggers to do review/giveaways. Fill out their form, agreeing to their policy’s, and choose your favorite items to review.
  • Rylees: Sign up to be notified of new blogger opportunities for reviews and giveaways – beauty and hair care products.
  • Eden Fantasies: This is an adult themed shop, but you can write about anything that you’d like to – Like lotions or bubble bath – to make it family-friendly. If you’re interested in writing a post about their products and their site in exchange for a $50 gift certificate, email Jenn at and let her know!
  • Skoy Cleaning Products: Learn more about this opportunity and how to apply on Mom Blog Society. Follow her site too – she posts new opp’s often.
  • Mamma Media: This will launch soon, and is described as a “media group with the vision of blending brands with the mom-bloggers (and, ultimately, mom-readers) who will love them!” They’ll choose members soon – Apply Here – if you’re interested.

Twitter Lead:

We are looking for bloggers to review our Anti Chafe Stick, plz email for info. thx!

Giveaway Events to Join:

  • Great Gadget Giveaway Event from Jan 23 12:01 PM EST to Feb 06 at 12:01 PM EST and is accepting signups now. There is a $10 sign up fee, and you must find your own prize, $25+. Sign up using – Sign Up Form – and tell them Sunshine and Sippy Cups sent you!! Learn more here.
  • Great Gamer Giveaway: This is BIG package of super fun stuff, and should be a great event. I’d join – but due to my PayPal problems, I can’t do payments at the moment. But – this should be great! Learn more on her post.

If you’re not a member of Escalate Affiliate Network – Join Today!


See my Personal Inbox Dollars Earnings for November

Inbox Dollars Free Cash Rewards Earned

Earn Free Cash Online: One of the questions that I get asked the very most, month after month, is, “Can I really earn any money with these online rewards sites??” – People think maybe it takes too much time, or maybe you don’t ever really get the rewards, or they wonder if it’s all a scam. So, for the next few months, I’m going to start sharing my earnings with you – just to show you that yep, you really can earn some extra cash, totally free, without a ton of effort. I run this site, two direct sales businesses, have a toddler, take care of two boys after-school and on holiday breaks, AND clean up after a house of 7 people, and 4 dogs – all while taking online business courses, crafting, and doing freelance writing. So – what I’m saying is, I’m busier than all heck!! Yet, with just a small amount of effort, I’m able to earn around $150 a month in cash and free gift cards – often much more!

Get Started Earning FREE Cash at Inbox Dollars Right Now!!

How Inbox Dollars Works:

You earn cash for tons of different activities – as you can see on the chart above, so far this month I’ve only been active in a few of them. Print out coupons from, earn .10 cents per coupon! Fill out a quick survey, earn a buck or two. Earn a few cents for every email you click on, every video you read, and more. Here are a few examples of super fun ways to earn cash:

  • Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – Earn $1!
  • Sign up to get Healthy Living Samples {brands like Dove and Prilosec} – Earn .75 cents!
  • Sign up for a Netflix Free Trial – Earn $4.50!
  • Buy your printer ink from SimplyInk with their 10% off code – Earn $8.50!
  • Get the Weather Channel App – Earn .25 cents!

As you can see – the amount you get paid varies, from a few cents for clicking and closing an email, to offers that pay over $10 for purchases or services. But hey, if you were thinking of trying out Netflix anyway, how cool is it to earn $4.50 when you sign up here, instead of a big $0 when you join on your own? And how great is it that you can earn an extra .10 cents on each coupon you use, when you print them here? It is SUCH an easy way to earn totally free money.

How to get your money:

Every time you get to $30 bucks, you simply do a few clicks to request that they send you a check! It’s pretty easy to get to $30 every month, and it’s a nice bit of extra money. Combine it with free cash from sites like SwagBucks, and you’ll get into some serious rewards!

Share and Discuss!

I’d love to hear what you guys think about Inbox Dollars… Do you have a favorite way to earn? What’s the biggest check you’ve ever gotten? Do you have questions on how any of it works? Leave your question or comment on my Facebook wall!!


The Free Money Tip You Can’t Afford to Miss

I know that most of us are struggling with finances these days, and you know I’m always here to share my favorite solutions. One way that I help our family – {since with Mike out of work, I’m the ONLY one bringing in any income. Yikes} – is to use rewards sites to earn free cash through PayPal, free checks delivered in the mail, and loads of free gift cards to stores we shop at most. And most of these sites have the added bonus of rewarding you with entries into exclusive members-only giveaways, which have much better odd’s than the nationwide sweepstakes you always see. I’ve won quite a few times over the years, and they’re some of the biggest prizes that I’ve ever won, which can be an amazing help – think free toys for the kids, or free kitchen appliances.

How to Get Free Money and Free Stuff Online - Totally Legit, great tips from a real mom!

What’s holding you back?

Many people tell me, “I don’t have time for those survey sites.” Or, “The rewards aren’t even worth it.” Well, I can tell you – they ARE worth it! I’ve done them for years while I worked full-time, and I’ve done them now when I’m even busier running this site and my business – so I’ve never had a ton of time to devote to this. And, if they weren’t worth it, I wouldn’t do it – I have a never-ending to-do list each day, and have to really prioritize!

My Tip: Sign up for as many different sites as you can find. That way, you’re automatically entered in more of their sweepstakes, even if you’re not very active. Then, make a separate folder in your email, called “Surveys” – move all survey invites into that folder when you get them. Next, make some time – 30 minutes a day after the kids go to sleep, or even an hour on the weekend – and go through as many survey invites as you can in that time. Some may be expired, because they’ve been in there awhile, but you’ll complete quite a few. After a couple months, check ALL your balances – you’ll be uh-MAY-zed at what you’re ready to cash in. Promise.

Free Shopping Spree!

I usually only cash out twice a year, once right before summer, and once before the holidays. This year, I’m doing a very low-budget Christmas, and decided to wait until January to cash out all of my sites – then splurge on some fun new stuff for ME! I’ll share my totals when I cash it all out – so that you can see what kind of serious cash and rewards you can earn. Now – Don’t be the only one missing out on this free stuff – get signed up today!

Want more great tips? Check out my most popular post of all time – 10 ways to make money from home – perfect for moms!

Earn CASH rewards!

  • Vindale Research – Earn from $5 to $75 per survey! Mine are usually in the $10-$15 range – but I have gotten a couple that were the top rate. Very cool when you get them!
  • Inbox Dollars – Earn $5 bucks cash today, and request a check every time you hit $20. Earn for shopping, doing polls and surveys, playing games, or just clicking on emails. Plus, if you’re a coupon girl, you earn .10 cents per coupon you print and redeem. Sweet! Another new one that’s super similar {that I JUST signed up with, so I don’t have much feedback for yet, is Send Earnings. It looks almost the exactly the same.} And – see an example of how much I made with Inbox Dollars last year in November.
  • Opinion Outpost – Rewards include get cash, Amazon gift cards, game points, donations to your favorite charities, and more. Everyone is also automatically entered to a $10,000 sweepstakes by joining and taking surveys. Minimum payout is $5 for Amazon gift cards, or $10 for PayPal cash.
  • – This isn’t a survey site. But you can earn a ton of cash selling your old, unneeded – even broken! – cell phones. I had a whole drawer full, and got cash for all of them. Better cash in my pocket than a drawer of old half-broken phones :)
  • Toluna – Join the survey research panel and start taking surveys to earn cash! Surveys are usually pretty short, so they’re easy when you’re short on time. They also do mini-polls, to earn points even quicker.
  • Upromise – This is a bit different – register an account, install the toolbar, and start earning money that you can put towards your child’s future college tuition. This really does work – I used it, and didn’t even really do anything with it, but earned about $150 in less than a year – with no effort at all, that I cashed out to pay for a few college textbooks last year. If you start it for your kids and let it add up over time, it could be a big amount of totally free college funds!
  • Cash Crate – This one is super cool – I won some contests there last holiday season that I didn’t even know they were having :) They have a TON of ways you can earn money… You just pick and choose offers, things like watch a video and earn .50 cents, join a book club and earn $10, sign up for a brand newsletter and get $1. It adds up quick.

Free Products!

  • MySurvey – Take Surveys, Get FREE Products to try out, and Earn amazing Rewards!!
  •  – Test free products in your home and earn rewards. After you get to see new products and ideas before anyone else, it’s easy to understand why businesses don’t want their new ideas to leak out!
  • Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – Must be over 18. Earn points that you can redeem towards seriously amazing stuff: I used to do this, and redeemed points for kitchen appliances and other cool home stuff. Been trying to get approved again forever!
  • Pinecone Research – It’s easy and fun to see and evaluate new product ideas in the comfort of your own home. You will earn points for each completed product survey, which can be exchanged for cash and other rewards. PLUS you will be automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes for your time. Each interview usually takes 15-20 minutes of your time.
  • Minds Pay – Evaluate cool products right in your home, that they send you for free, then share your opinions of them online in surveys – and get rewarded for it. Sah-weet, right?
  • Survey Spot – *Frequent opportunities, average of 24 surveys a month. You’ll earn sweepstakes entries for each survey, to win $12,000! I get TONS of baby products to test from them!

Earn Gift Cards!

  • Valued Opinions – Every survey earns you points, and you turn those into FREE gift cards!
  • MyPoints – Earn with surveys, shopping, and SO much more. Then turn those points into FREE gift cards, hundreds to choose from! {One of my favorite sites!}
  • E-Poll – Earn gift cards for sharing your opinions, and enter to WIN a montly $1,000 giveaway! You’ll even get access to cool new products to test out sometimes, before they even hit the market.
  • SwagBucks – the easiest way to earn free stuff on the web! Redeem for my favorite, Amazon gift cards, or even PayPal cash! {Tip: When doing Amazon GCs, always get the $5 ones. They’re a better value than the $25 ones, when you look at points per dollar :)}
  • Your Word Panel – Share your thoughts with brands who want to hear them, and earn free gift cards from sites like Walgreens, and more.
  • 15 Ways to Shop for Free: Ok – this isn’t a site, this is a list I put together. I LOVE those deal sites that reward you for sharing with your friends… And I earn enough credit to do the majority of my holiday shopping for free. And when you do it right, your friends appreciate it too – who doesn’t love it when a friend finds something totally awesome that you love, at a crazy-discounted price, right? So, sign up for a ton of these sites, get great deals on stuff for you, share the deals with your friends, earn tons of free credit when they shop, and then shop for free! Love it.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about how any of these sites work, feel free to ask in the comments, or on my Facebook wall, and I’ll answer right away! And I’d LOVE to have you share YOUR story of how these sites have worked for you – for a chance to be featured on Sunshine and Sippy Cups. Thanks for reading – and have a great weekend!

Earn free stuff online with surveys



Blogging Tips: Getting Started with

Affiliate Marketing:

When you want to start earning an income with your blog, the first step for most people is to get started with Affiliate Marketing. {To learn more about the basics of Affiliate Marketing, read Earning an Income with Your Blog} And many of us get started with the same affiliates, like Escalate Media, MySavings Media, and Logical Media. All three of these companies are really similar – once you learn how to use one site, you can easily use the others. But logging into Integrate for the first time can be a bit intimidating! It’s VERY different than most of the other affiliate companies that I’ve worked with in the past – but once you learn the basics, you’ll see that those differences are what make it awesome.

Getting Started: Your Integrate Dashboard

If you’re not signed up with yet, you can get started here – Integrate Sign Up. Go on and get started – I’ll wait.

Ok, now that we’re all members – Let’s log in! You’ll find the log-in button on the top right side; there are options to log-in as a Buyer or a Seller – Buyers are companies that are paying for campaigns, Sellers are you – people who are sharing those campaigns for earnings. Now you’re in your Dashboard, which is the most important part of the site for you, and the main thing that you need to learn about. There is a lot of info on Integrate, but I’m only going to cover the basics of what you need to start earning, deal? If you want to learn more, contact your affiliate manager {find their contact info on the bottom portion of your Dashboard}, or read the FAQ page.


This is pretty obvious – these are your messages. Click Notifications to see a list of campaigns. Click a campaign, and you’ll see some options pop up – “View Campaign” shows you more info about that offer. “View Profile” shows you info about that company. Then you have “Agree” and “Counter” – this is where you can agree to accept that campaign, or counter by asking for a higher payout. Or, just remove it altogether if it’s not something you’ll run. Sometimes you’ll also see unread messages in this tab – these are from companies running campaigns, sharing info or asking you a question.


This is the most important tab. Click it to see your Active, Pending, and Inactive campaigns. When you sign up at Integrate, you’ll give some info about your blog. Integrate then uses this info to automatically match you with campaigns that they think you’ll do well with – these will show up in your Active Campaigns. Click on a campaign name to see the Payout {how much you’ll earn per click or conversion}, your allocation {the max you’re allowed to paid for}, and the description. On the left you’ll see a link for campaign creatives – this is where you can find banner codes to place on your site. Pending campaigns are offers that are awaiting approval – Click “Start Negotiations” to make a deal on price and allocation with the Buyer, so you can start running those campaigns.

Helpful Tip: Once you are matched with a campaign, you have 48 hours to either accept it or begin negotiation with the Buyer. If you do not take some sort of action within 48 hours, the match will expire.

You can also Browse Campaigns – this is where you find new campaigns to run in addition to the ones that have been automatically matched to you. If you find something that you like, click the Request box, and enter the info you want to send to the Buyer – how much you want to earn, and the allocation – which means, how many leads do you think you’ll send their way? Leave a personal message if you want, and send it. If they accept it, you’ll see it soon in your active campaigns!


You can click this tab to see your monthly statements, to view your earnings. You can also view your earnings by going back to your main Dashboard, and checking out the Quick Stats chart – The first box lets you view by clicks, conversions, or earnings, and the second box lets you view by month, week, or day.

Campaign Fulfillment:

This is another fun tool – the little pie chart on your dashboard. It gives you a visual of what percent of your earnings are coming from each offer that you’re running. I love it.

Great Campaigns to Run:

I’ve had a few people ask me which campaigns I’ve had success with so far, so here are a few you can search for if you’re having trouble finding campaigns that you like:

  • CID: 6965, Baby to Bee – $1.32 per conversion
  • CID: 6531, Bake Pops – $7.82 per conversion
  • CID: 5782, HomeSav – $2.04 per conversion
  • CID: 4498 Disney Movie Club – $16.02 per conversion
  • CID: 6632, Food on the Table – .75 per conversion
  • CID: 5995, Fooz Kids – $18 per conversion


This is one of the really cool features that sets Integrate apart from other affiliate companies – you can negotiate for higher payouts! If you’re doing well with a campaign, you can ask the Buyer for a higher payout, since you’re driving them so much traffic. Or, if they’ve only given you a small allocation, and you’re bringing way more traffic than that – ask them to give you a higher allocation! You have to be reasonable, and have respect for the Buyers budgets – but it’s very cool to have that ability to contact them. Integrate is more of the “middle man” – they aren’t paying us, they’re connecting us with Buyers who want to pay us, collecting those payments, and then lumping it together into one check for us.

More questions?

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer you! If you’ve signed up with Integrate, and it’s been more than a week or two, and you haven’t heard anything yet, email me and I can forward your info to someone to help you out. And if you’re already using Integrate, I highly recommend that you schedule a quick call with your account manager, and they’ll walk you through it all. I think once you get the hang of it, you’ll LOVE it as much as I do!