How to Create a Vertical Hanging Succulent Garden

Gardening inspired by Pinterest – Learn how to create your own succulent container garden… I’d always heard about the free workshops at the Home Depot, and they sounded super fun, but I’d never actually attended one before. Why? Well, I don’t really know. I suppose just because I’m always so busy. I always said, “Next month I should check that out…” Then a few weeks ago I was invited to help host one of the Do-It-Herself Workshops here locally. It was all about gardening inspired by Pinterest, and would be teaching attendees how to create their own succulent container gardens. The Home Depot experts would be on hand to share tips and advice – and they wanted me to offer up some fun design tips, to help the women at the event learn how to make their garden unique. I am SUCH a fan of succulents – {remember the ones I planted in mason jars recently?} – so of course I jumped at the opportunity!

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Tell Me Why You Love Home Depot – Win $100 Gift Card!

Hey ladies…. Are you a DIY type of gal? I’m betting that a lot of you are. Because DIY doesn’t just mean throwing on a tool belt and picking up some power tools. It’s all about taking charge, learning new skills, discovering ways to do things yourself instead of paying someone to do it, and finding creative new ways to make your home your own – all in a way that fits your budget. I bet that now you’re nodding your head, saying, “You’re right Meagan. I think I am a DIY type of momma….” Which means that you’re gonna love what I have coming up in this post…

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How To Use a Garden Hose to Fertilize Your Plants

I’m a sponsored blog partner with Pennington and participated in their Pennington Smart Feed Program – I love their new Smart Feed products and think you will too. See full disclosure statement below the post.

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.” – W.E. Johns… This is our third summer now in this house, and the big piece of property it sits on is finally coming along nicely. All of the overgrown brush is gone, the driveway has been leveled and got a fresh coat of gravel, we planted more trees this summer {bringing it to a total of 17 in the back now!} – and the gardens are all set and beginning to fill out! We have a huge vegetable garden in the back filed, bordered by fruit trees, and there are flower beds and container gardens from the front of the house all around to the back. {Read and see a little more of my garden here.} I’m not the most skilled at putting all of this together – But my mother is a Master Gardener, and teaches me so much as she helps me. And one thing that is a must is using the right products, because just like every other mom out there – even Mother Nature can use a little help!

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Gardening Inspired by Pinterest – #DIHWorkshop

I’m a sponsored blog partner with The Home Depot, and am going to be participating in their Do-It-Herself Workshop & Twitter party coming up in May – Super excited to share some very cool stuff with you guys. Check it out..

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Gardening: Bigger, Brighter, Better!

I’m super excited to share some great gardening tips with you guys today - I’m a sponsored blog partner with Pennington and am participating in their Pennington Smart Feed Program campaign. So I’ll be sharing some of the products we use to kick off the garden for spring, and keep it rockin’ all the way through until fall. And if you’re a newbie gardener, don’t worry – I’m no pro either. But I’m learning as I go what works and what doesn’t, with some guidance from my amazing Master Gardener mother. First, let me show you a little of what I’m working with…

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The Benefits of Gardening as a Family

There are few activities as rewarding as cultivating a garden — by sowing a few seeds in the spring you can be harvesting armfuls of fruits and vegetables in the summer. There are a number of benefits to taking on this activity as a family, including saving money on groceries and having fresh and healthy produce to eat. But perhaps the greatest benefit is giving your child invaluable insight into the natural world around them.

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What Does Your Lawn Say About You?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

welcoming flowers IMG_0441

Your lawn is one of the first things that people notice about your home – and part of the first impression when people come to visit. Ever wonder what kind of message your lawn is sending about the people who live there?  See which one of these categories you fall into, and discover if you’re sending out accurate signals about your family…

  1. Perfectionist. This is the home with the greenest grass, and it’s always perfectly trimmed. It’s probably lined with very square-shaped hedges, and few flowers – since flowers are harder to force into growing in a symmetrical way. There might be a couple of those stone lions guarding the entryway too. This might look impressive to some – but to most of us, it screams, “I’m a control freak!” Lol. Loosen up just a bit, and let things grow a little more naturally, and people will have a much easier time relaxing at your outdoor BBQ’s.
  2. Wild & Free. You tell everyone that you’re just really eco-friendly, and are keeping your lawn in it’s “natural state.” But your neighbors don’t consider it organic – they see it as a jungle! They get the impression that you’d rather spend the weekend on your Xbox than mowing the lawn. Letting your plants grow freely can contribute to a really pretty garden – in moderation. Make sure you keep the grass trimmed, and the branches from falling over onto neighboring yards.
  3. Whimsical. You fill your lawn with ornaments, trinkets, and bobbles. You’ve got an army of gnomes, a flock of flamingos, and enough decor for three flea markets. You call it fun – you’re neighbors call it crazy :) Yes, adding a few silly garden accents can contribute to a really laid-back environment – but please, take down that wooden cut-out of a lady bent over, ok? {I admit it, I used to have one too….. }

Now that you know what type of lawn you have, and what it’s saying about you – here is a great solution you can use to upgrade!

Smart Summer Lawn Care Solution – Scott’s Snap Spreader System!

How cool is this, right? I’m a busy mom, so everything in my life needs to be as simplified as possible – and I LOVE clever problem-solving products like this. I need yard and garden tools that are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and simple to use and store. This system totally hits all of these requirements – awesome, right?  Here are a few more reasons why I’m pretty excited to add this to my Frugal Gardening must-haves list for spring:

  1. The Scotts® Snap® Spreader System is totally no-mess. If you’re like me, and have to grab a bit of time to work in the garden in between other tasks during my crazy-busy days – so it’s great to not have to wrestle with big messy packaging, or a process that’ll be a pain. The Snap Pac connects right to the spreader – no cutting, no opening, and no pouring from heavy bags – mean no spilling, no waste, and no sweating in your clean shirt. {Yes, some days I do manage to be wearing a clean shirt…}
  2. I love that edge guard feature. This has been a problem for me when using my little hand-held spreader gadget. It’s super old, but I hadn’t seen any affordable options that I liked to replace it, so I kept using it. But I hated that it was hard to keep it where I wanted it around the edges of the flower beds. This system is going to be a really helpful upgrade for me – finally!
  3. There are perks! Check out the awesome Snap perks on Facebook! You could win a trip for 2 to the 2012 All Start Game and World Series, an Outdoor Patio Set, or even an instant win prize of a $25 Walmart gift card. Super cool, right?

A totally unique product that is easy to use, and ensures that your yard gives off a great first impression – telling people how awesome you are, before you even open the door! Love it.

Share YOUR tips too!

Do you have any great gardening tips to share? Leave me some comments – I’m always looking for clever new ideas to try. And if you’ve already used the new Scotts Snap Spreader System – let me know what you thought of it! I’ll be getting one soon, and will share some video of it in use, but I’d love some feedback if you’ve used it yourself.


{Photo Credit: Greg’s Landscaping, Flickr, Creative Commons.}

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