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How to Create Nail Art Inspired by Spring Runway Trends

A smile is the best fashion statement – and nothing makes me smile more these days then the arrival of spring! I love the way mother nature kind of “wakes up” – shaking off the dull dreariness of winter, and brightening up with freshness and color. I totally take inspiration from mother nature this time of year – I want to throw my windows open and freshen up the house, and I’m ready to check out the spring runways to brighten up my life with fashions that are full of sparkle and color…

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How to Make Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry personalized just for you… I’m a total accessory junkie. I can’t resist buying a new set of sparkly bangle bracelets, a handful of bold cocktail rings, or a fun pendant or two. I’m also a crafty type, and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to awesome DIY fashion and accessory ideas. But I know that not everyone has that crafty side – but most of us are still looking for those perfect pieces of jewelry that are as unique as we are, right?

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Girls Following their Parents’ Footsteps… #fashion

All you need is love. And these heart-melting styles from GUESS Kids Yep, GUESS is celebrating their love of families, by featuring second generation GUESS girl, Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter {Dannielynn Birkhead}, and Babyface’s daughter, Peyton Edmonds, in their new spring ads. How fun is that, right?

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Authentic Rose & Baume Solid 14kt Yellow Gold Necklace – $199 Value Giveaway – #FashionistaEvents

Ok ladies, hold on to your stilettos – It’s Spring Fashionista time!!! – This is the the biggest all-fashion blog giveaway event on the web, with thousands of dollars in amazing shoes, clothes, and accessories up for grabs. And – if you’re an eco-loving fashionista type, you’re going to absolutely LOVE the prize I’ve got here for you to win. Keep reading to learn how it works, and find your chance to WIN big!
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Check out the Spring Fashionista LookBook! – #fashionistaevents

Take a Sneak Peak at the Largest Fashion Event on the Internet…. Yep, that’s right – it’s Spring Fashionista time! What is the Spring Fashionista Giveaway? Well, it’s the web’s largest and only ALL FASHION, ONLY FASHION blog giveaway EVENT. It’s happening from March 7- 13, and every single giveaway will be valued at $125 – or more! Most of the bloggers have put together prize packs worth several hundred dollars, so with more than 115+ bloggers participating in the Spring Fashionista Giveaway Event there will be more than $26,000+ worth of prizes to win! How cool is that, right? Just check out some of the awesome stuff up for grabs….

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Top 10 Resources for Fashion Bloggers

Ok, I don’t claim to be a fashion blogger – at all… But, I do love fashion. I worked for 10 years in fashion merchandising, management, and visual displays, and loved it. I’m much better at dressing others than I am at dressing myself most days, lol. But – this is another category that I want to get into more this year. Not high fashion craziness – but totally attainable, real-mom fashion. You know – how to still look hot after 4 hours sleep, while chasing a wild toddler. Those type of tips.

Top 10 Resources for Fashion Bloggers

Does the world’s lack of fashion disturb you? {Photo Credit}

So, as I have been gathering some tips, ideas, and tools to help me be more successful in this new area of blogging, I thought I’d share some with you ladies too. These are my current Top 10 Resources to check out, for Fashion Bloggers. Stay tuned for more fashion posts – and let me know what kind of things you’d like to see featured in this category too!

  • 1. Spring Fashionista: This is a crazy-awesome event that you definitely want to join in. I’ve heard about it for a year, and just put off joining, because I wasn’t sure about getting the prize set up. Well, this time I joined early enough to put together something awesome! And… When we put together our monthly traffic stats linky, several bloggers had the host blog as a top 10 traffic referrer for the YEAR, that’s how awesome the traffic is for this event. Join here – Spring Fashionista sign up – and I’d love if you mention that I sent ya!
  • 2. Polyvore: This is such a fantastic tool. You install a little clipping button to your toolbar, similar to the Pinterest Pin it button. Then when you see pieces that you love, you simply “clip” them to your Polyvore account. When you log in to your account, you can use those pieces, plus the million things already clipped there, to create looks. Make collages and images, and easily share them to your blog, or with followers on Polyvore. {See some examples of how I use it here: Fashion Posts. And connect with me there here:  Megsp22 on Polyvore.
  • 3. Promote your posts: If you’re a fashion blogger – or if you post fashion posts even once in awhile – check out this list of 25 Ways to Promote Your Fashion Posts. And even if you’re NOT a fashionista, there are some great ideas in here.
  • 4. ASOS: This is a network I just joined recently – It’s a very cool way to share fashions you love, meet new people and discover cool stuff, and a ton more awesome stuff. Join ASOS Fashion Finder.
  • 5. Great tips: This is a SERIOUS resource, from Pretty Shiny Sparkly. It is massively packed full of tips, ideas, and so much more. Get The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging.
  • 6. Photography: Just like in Food Blogging – Fashion Blogging brings new photography challenges. This post has some amazing tips – Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging: Photography. It’s from the same blog as above – love it.
  • 7. Ideas: This is actually a really great list for anyone to use – it’s just a list of new types of posts to write, new ways to look at content, new ideas to consider. Read 31 Post Ideas for Fashion Blogs.
  • 8. New Blog: Want to start a new fashion blog? Or any type of new blog? Then this might help jump start your brainstorming for coming up with an idea… 10 Tips for Naming Your Fashion Blog. Since I’m currently trying to come up with a name for my new business and blogging tips site, this is SUPER helpful!
  • 9: Sex & the City: I love this – She says, “It’s safe to say that if Sex and the City had started 10 years later, Carrie Bradshaw would have been a blogger. New York City’s “It” girl would have tweeted to Miranda, re-pinned Charlotte’s outfit posts, and liked Samantha’s Instagram photos of the hottest parties.” Right? Get 4 Timeless Blogging Lessons from Carrie Bradshaw.
  • 10. Boost your blog: This is another really comprehensive resource – and one that’s an awesome read no matter what type of blog you have! Check out Killer Fashion Blogging: 50 Ways to Take Your Fashion Blog to the Next Level.

What about you – Are you already a fashion blogger? If so, you probably have some great tips and resources to share. I’d love to hear them – leave me some comments! Are you interested in branching out into more fashion blogging in 2013? If so – what are the challenges in your way? I love hearing from you ladies…


Surprising Style Tips for Busy Moms – #styleSURPRISE #Giveaway

What is your most surprising style tip? Is it that the amazing accessories you always wear are great pieces that you actually make yourself? Is that those gorgeous shades you’re always changing your hair to are actually from a box, that you do yourself at home? Or maybe you have a total knack for finding the best fashions on any clearance rack? Whatever YOUR surprising style tip is, you know that fashion is a great way to show the world who you are, and that great gear doesn’t have to break the bank….

#styleSurprise : The best-kept fashion secret

One great fashion secret that many of you might not know about is Sears. Sure – you think Sears, you think tools, or appliances, or lawn mowers. But there is SO much more – including some seriously stylin’ fashions at prices that fit into a real mom’s budget. And – as busy moms we’re not looking for crazy fashions that are only for 100 pound super models with a team of people to handle their daily tasks – No, we’re looking for stuff that’s wearable in the real world, in our real busy lives, right? And that’s what you’ll find at Sears.

Sears Style for busy moms

Sears helps me stay out of frump mom mode

I used to manage retail stores, and worked in merchandising and visual fashion displays for years. I loved it. And I loved being surounded by the newest fashions, so that I always had great style inspiration to pull from. But then, life changed. I became a mom, I transitioned to working from home, and one day I realized that my closet had suddenly been taken over by sweatpants and hoodies. I knew that it was time to bust of of frump mom territory, but I still needed clothes that were comfy for working at home and chasing a toddler. Enter Sears – my #styleSurprise! They had an awesome selection to fit just what I was looking for. Want a few busy mom fashion tips to help you shop too?

  • Long Tops: These totally help cover trouble spots! Whether it’s a long, cozy sweater paired with a dark wash jean – or a great button up in a tunic length, they help hide that extra baggage that having kiddos often leaves behind.
  • Comfy AND Trendy: Sweat pants are comfy as heck, but don’t exactly scream “Pulled together,” right? But you still have an awesome option that’s just as comfortable – leggings! Pair them with a tall pair of boots to be right on trend, while still having your fab elastic waistband {perfect for overindulging in holiday cookies…}
  • Fun Accessories: Invest in some of the great basic pieces at Sears, and add some fun pops of color and personality to your wardrobe with affordable accessories. A bold bag, fun scarf, or sparkly bangle totally completes your look.

Ready to run out and shop for a bunch of new gear to upgrade your own “Busy Mom” style too? Well… you’re in luck! One of you amazingly lucky ladies is going to win a crazy-cool prize. Enter the Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes to win  $5k worth of SYW points!! {What’s SYW? Learn more about how Shop Your Way works, why it rocks, and all the freebies and features.}

Visit for more everyday fashion inspiration!

Ready to enter to win?? It’s easy peasy – Just log in and set up a quick account if you don’t have one already. Then enter to win the Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes by simply following the directions here: Seriously, it takes like one minute to get your entry in. Then if you win – all those points will go towards helping you rock your new years wardrobe this winter too! Good luck!

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.}