How to Pack a “Potty Bag” for Potty Training On-The-Go

Thanks to Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes new stylish baby wipes for sponsoring today’s discussion about how to pack a “potty bag” for potty training while traveling or on-the-go…

Recently I shared some tips on how to potty train when traveling – or just on-the-go during the busy summer months. Abby has got this whole potty training thing down pretty darn good, finally. But long car rides or flights, unfamiliar locations, and changes in routine can throw even the most consistent kids off track. So, even for just a day of running errands or an afternoon at the park for play dates – we pack a “potty bag.” Here are a few of my absolute must-haves {including some new super stylish baby wipes!} for a day on-the-go with a toddler or preschooler – and be sure to add your own suggestions in the comments too.

timi and leslie diaper bag - works as a stylish bag for mom, or "potty bag" for on-the-go potty training! [Read more…]


How to Look Trendy in the Kitchen

I love aprons. I have way too big of a collection of pretty aprons, especially considering that The Mister does most of the cooking around here. But, I’m just a sucker for a good lookin’ apron. I feel all clever and domestic and in-control of my kitchen when I’m baking and wearing one of my favorite aprons – even though I’m not a kitchen pro. And we entertain a ton, especially in the summer, and a pretty apron makes me look more put-together when guests show up early than when I’m wearing sweatpants covered in flour-y hand prints :) And my very favorites come from Flirty Aprons. Check out this new one that I am dying over right now:

Blue striped spring apron [Read more…]


Get First Lady Style on a Budget

In honor of current First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday today, I wanted to share some fun information about First Lady style through the years. From Jackie O’s chic statement scarves to Hilary Clinton’s controversial power suits, to the current mix of affordable and unique fashions showcased by Michelle Obama – these women have made a big impact on fashion trends in the US. Check out this great infographic filled with interesting facts, a history of first lady fashion, and some tips on how to borrow Michelle Obama’s favorite styles, and get a First Lady look on a budget… [Read more…]


Black Friday Deal: Free $250 Handbag with Purchase

Ohmyheck ladies – this is sah-weeeet! Starting at midnight on 11/28, through 11:59 on 11/29/13, when you buy a handbag worth at least $49, you’ll get another FREE handbag, worth up to $250, for FREE!! Whaaaaat? I know. Amazingsauce. This is on a site that’s long been a fave of mine for scoring crazy-good deals on purses, accessories, and make up. It’s called Little Black Bag. Watch the video to see how it works, then keep reading to learn how this freakin’ crazy good deal works, for one day only:

Awesome, right? You just browse the site, find your fave bag, and get loads of cool freebies. After shopping online for so many years, it’s almost hard for me to buy stuff in a store. All I can think is… “I bet I could find a better deal/earn free cash back/get bonus goodies – if I was buying this online…” Lol. So I love sites like this – they combine rockin’ products, amazing deals, and super sweet freebies into one cool way to shop. Love-love. But, let’s get to the extra-awesome Black Friday special deal that will totally rock your socks, right?

Little Black Bag - Holiday deals on purses [Read more…]


Hip Scarves Bring Fashion & Fun to Dance Workouts

This is not a sponsored post. No compensation was given. I just absolutely love these scarves and know you will too!

“I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don’t.” – Devin McDonald Vinson, 37, Portland, OR… I found this quote online recently, and LOVE it. And I love that it’s from another Pacific Northwest-er like me. {I’m right above Oregon, in Central Washington.} As many of you lovely ladies know – I had started on a major weight-loss mission a couple of months ago. And – one of the things that I’ve been doing a ton of lately is dancing. Whether it’s playing Just Dance on the Wii, going to classes at the gym, impromptu dance parties while my 3-year old and I make dinner, or trying out my Zumba and dance aerobics videos in the living room – dancing is an awesome to get rid of stress, get in shape, and have fun while doing it. And my little girl loves joining me!

Jinglies belly dancing scarves - dance class must-haves [Read more…]


How to Create Nail Art Inspired by Spring Runway Trends

A smile is the best fashion statement – and nothing makes me smile more these days then the arrival of spring! I love the way mother nature kind of “wakes up” – shaking off the dull dreariness of winter, and brightening up with freshness and color. I totally take inspiration from mother nature this time of year – I want to throw my windows open and freshen up the house, and I’m ready to check out the spring runways to brighten up my life with fashions that are full of sparkle and color…

spring sparkle inspired fashion [Read more…]


How to Make Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry personalized just for you… I’m a total accessory junkie. I can’t resist buying a new set of sparkly bangle bracelets, a handful of bold cocktail rings, or a fun pendant or two. I’m also a crafty type, and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to awesome DIY fashion and accessory ideas. But I know that not everyone has that crafty side – but most of us are still looking for those perfect pieces of jewelry that are as unique as we are, right?

How to make hand stamped jewelry [Read more…]