Thankful for Food, Family, and FASHION!

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This year has been, hands down, the absolute hardest year I’ve ever been through in my life. A break-up with Abby’s dad after 11 years together. Major life-changing health stuff. And all of the financial, personal, organizational, etc issues that go along with those things. Sigh. But, things are calming down – the waves have stopped crashing, and my boat is finally steadying itself a bit.

Fall leaves and sunshine in the PNW

This year has taught me that life is more unpredictable than you can imagine. That the world hands out heartbreak easily – like tossing candy in a parade. That time is short and never guaranteed – your own, and the time you get with those you love. So I have grown quite impatient with the bullshittery, and worrying what others think (which I’ve always let bother me too much.) My plan now is to seek happiness wherever I can, hold it tightly when I find it, and give no worry to what others think about things. And in this month of giving thanks, I’m definitely counting my blessings every darn day, grateful to still be here :)

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Black Friday Deal & Freebie Round Up

It’s almost time… As I sit here processing all of the turkey in my tummy, I’m surfing the web looking for the very best Black Friday deals and freebies to do my own shopping, and of course, to share with you guys! Hope you find some stuff here you love, and if you do – I’d love for you to share this on Twitter or Facebook with your friends too. Because that’s why I like sharing my finds with you guys – shopping is more fun with friends :) Skip the crowds and shop online – from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, I’ll be posting deals like crazy. Subscribe to my email updates, follow my Frugal Living column, or check out my Facebook & Twitter for new updates all day each day!

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Black Friday Deal: Free $250 Handbag with Purchase

Ohmyheck ladies – this is sah-weeeet! Starting at midnight on 11/28, through 11:59 on 11/29/13, when you buy a handbag worth at least $49, you’ll get another FREE handbag, worth up to $250, for FREE!! Whaaaaat? I know. Amazingsauce. This is on a site that’s long been a fave of mine for scoring crazy-good deals on purses, accessories, and make up. It’s called Little Black Bag. Watch the video to see how it works, then keep reading to learn how this freakin’ crazy good deal works, for one day only:

Awesome, right? You just browse the site, find your fave bag, and get loads of cool freebies. After shopping online for so many years, it’s almost hard for me to buy stuff in a store. All I can think is… “I bet I could find a better deal/earn free cash back/get bonus goodies – if I was buying this online…” Lol. So I love sites like this – they combine rockin’ products, amazing deals, and super sweet freebies into one cool way to shop. Love-love. But, let’s get to the extra-awesome Black Friday special deal that will totally rock your socks, right?

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Black Friday Shopper Giveaway on Erin Condren – $7,500 in Prizes!!

Have you heard of Erin Condren? If so – you already totally know why I love her products. If not, I have a treat for you today! is a lifestyle brand – she customizes and stylizes everything from life planners, acrylic trays, holiday cards, iphone cases, and more! You can add names, photos, and more – and everything is so bright and modern and cheerful. Just browsing around her site makes me feel happy :) And, right now if you sign up to get her newsletters, you’ll get a $10 OFF coupon for your first purchase! I’m not sure how long that’ll last, so jump on it, pronto. {And keep reading – at the end of the post I have an awesome Black Friday coupon code to save BIG on all of this good stuff.}

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Confetti Kisses: Mix and Match Fashions for Girls

Do you have a little fashionista in your life? I sure do. I love it… I love it even when she raids my jewelry box and piles on 32 bangle bracelets and all of my necklaces. Sure, she has her share of total fashion mishaps – like last week, when she put on daddy’s work boots, her no pants, no shirt, with a coat, one glove, and a blonde mermaid wig – and then proclaimed that she was ready to go outside and play in the rain. That was a bit of a fashion fail, lol. But, she’s gotten very interested in what she wears lately {she turned 3 in late July} – so I’m trying to choose more pieces that mix and match well, to reduce morning arguments. If most of her closet matches moderately well, then it’s easier for her to choose her own outfit, you know? Which is why I’m very excited to introduce you to a brand I just discovered… Friends, meet Confetti Kisses.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Deals

Almost 3 in 5 {58%} dads surveyed feel that they spend more money on their partners for Mother’s Day than their significant others typically spend on them for Father’s Day. {See the full Father’s Day gift giving survey here.} And that might be true – Mother’s Day often includes a date night out, flowers and jewelry, things like that. But traditional Father’s Day gifts like a home-cooked dinner, coffee mug or ties are great gifts, but do usually cost less. But, when it comes to gifts from the kids, dads get luckier – only 23% of consumers surveyed say they spend more than $61 bucks on a gift for mom, but 31% spend more than that on dad’s day presents. But whether you’re shopping for your Mister or your own dad – there are a couple things much more important than how much you spend… First, obviously, we all know it’s the thought that goes into the gift that matters most. And – for us frugal mommas, getting the best deal possible is pretty darn important too! Check out this round-up of a few ways to save on awesome gifts for dad this year… [Read more…]


Fashionista on a Budget – 10 Ways to Save Big on Clothing and Accessories for Moms and Kids

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – Miuccia Prada… Sure, fashion can seem silly to some people. But we all know that what you wear can really change your mood. In a cute dress and strappy heels I carry myself differently, and have a fun boost of confidence. When I’m in yoga pants and a loose tee, I feel comfy and cozy. So I’ve always loved fashion, and the way it can totally transform my day. But, as a mom on a tight budget, I’m all about AFFORDABLE fashion for families! So, today I want to share a few awesome sites that I use to get designer clothing and accessories, for my whole family, at super discounted prices. And when you partner them with sites and cards that give you cash back on your online purchases too – well, there’s not much better than that! I’ll start with kiddo stuff, and move towards grown up gear – check it out, yo:

Deals on kids outfits

Great deals on kids outfits – – I love, love, LOVE this site. It helps take the guesswork out of shopping for little girls – To get started, just sign up for a free account, and then answer a few questions about your little one, and what types of styles you’re looking for. Then you get personalized recommendations like the ones above {no surprise that they suggest the adorable U R My Sunshine collection for us, right?} – and the option to buy the full outfit at a discount, and often a freebie piece or two. Extra bonus? Get $20 in FREE credit to use on their site, every time you refer a friend who joins you there! Sign up today, and get 50% off of your first outfit, or Buy One Outfit Get One Free, your choice :) – {not sure how long that will last?}

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