Do You Know What’s Missing From Your Beauty Routine?

I’m excited to partner with Mom It Forward Blogger Network to share some awesome beauty tips – including info about the NEW #ColgateEnamelHealth Toothpaste. Compensation was received – all opinions are totally mine :)

Do you know what's missing from your beauty routine?

Do you know what’s missing from your beauty routine?

I love me some beauty products. I may have spent way more money than necessary at Sephora the past few years. {Especially when I’m a work at home mom, and don’t even wear make-up every day….} I also love lotions and potions, sprays and scrubs, perfumes and polishes…. All the girly stuff. But there’s one place that I recently realized I should give more thought to…. [Read more…]


Shaving? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Remington. I received a product sample to facilitate my review of this home hair removal system for moms, and as a thank you for participating.

Summer is coming to an end – but that doesn’t mean the end of shaving… Sure, most of us shave our legs a lot more often during the summer months – but even once they’re covered up in leggings and boots this fall, you don’t want to let ’em get crazy-out-of-control furry, right? {The day that my toddler wanted to pet my leg and told me it was furry like a puppy was the day I realized that winter months still require shaving daily, lol.} But, as super-busy super-moms, where do you find the time? Shaving – ain’t nobody got time for that! :)

Shaving - Ain't nobody got time for that! [Read more…]


Moms Love Shaving their Legs, Right?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Remington, to share hair removal tips. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating….

What mom doesn’t love shaving her legs, right? When you’re enjoying a nice, quiet, relaxing bubble bath at the end of a long day – a day that consists of things like shopping, lunch with girlfriends, and maybe a stop at the spa for a massage and pedicure – and you pull out your favorite plastic drugstore razor, and soothingly swipe it up and down your legs, effortlessly removing those unwanted hairs. Those plastic razors always leave you with legs that are smooth, silky, stubble-free and ready for summer swimsuit season every time. We all love it.


Just kidding. For most moms, the only bubble bath they are a part of is the one they give to their toddler after they’ve gotten themselves into some type of crazy-outlandish mess. Like, say… a little time spent playing in a sandbox they discover while you’re over to a friend’s house for dinner. A sandbox that’s actually a kitty litter box. After playing in the toilet. So the kitty litter gets wet and sticks in their hair and in between their toes. {Yes, this happened recently. Thankfully they are nice friends, lol.} And your day – unless you’re one of those Real Housewives types – probably has less spa day, and more work day. Whether that work is managing employees, or managing to run 327 errands in a day, it’s work. And plastic razors? I’m pretty sure we all have the same issues with those – sure, they’re a cheap way to get rid of hair. But you get what you pay for. And what you get is razor burn and rashes, stubble left behind, and legs that are way less than smooth. So what’s a busy mom to do?

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How to Create Nail Art Inspired by Spring Runway Trends

A smile is the best fashion statement – and nothing makes me smile more these days then the arrival of spring! I love the way mother nature kind of “wakes up” – shaking off the dull dreariness of winter, and brightening up with freshness and color. I totally take inspiration from mother nature this time of year – I want to throw my windows open and freshen up the house, and I’m ready to check out the spring runways to brighten up my life with fashions that are full of sparkle and color…

spring sparkle inspired fashion [Read more…]


3 Steps to Make Sure Cold Sores Don’t Ruin Your Holiday Fun

Cold sores are nasty little buggers, aren’t they? And they can totally ruin your day any time of year – but especially at the holidays, when you have lots of special occasions, parties, and pictures being taken. Almost everyone has been exposed to the virus that causes cold sores – about 90% of us, when we were kids. But only about 2-40% of peeps are the unlucky ones, who regularly get outbreaks of ’em. If you get a big ol’ nasty one, it can totally stop you from wanting to see people – which means no parties, no dates, no fun times. But – there is a trick to help you totally prevent them. Keep reading…

How to avoid bad cold sores [Read more…]


Win a $180 Scented Bath Products Prize Pack!

Who loves pretty products?? If you raised your hand, well then you are in luck ladies…. I have teamed up with few of your favorite blogs to offer you this fabulous prize basket from Scented ( $180 value. Scented offers high quality luxury bath and body products that are completely toxin free and are derived from nature. Sound good? {Please be sure to read the complete Scented review by I love my kids blog.} Hope you ladies love it!!

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Pretty Products + Pretty Sweet Deals = Pretty Awesome

“The nature of this flower is to bloom…” – Alice Walker… Beauty comes in all types. Perfectly done hair and make up, a pretty cocktail dress and heels – that makes me feel totally ready to take on the world. But, beauty is also a day at home in a hoodie and sweats, with the only products I’ve used being some shimmery lotions, sweet smelling potions, and some sparkly gloss on my lips. But whatever beauty is to you – I’ve got a few products you’ll love, that are perfect for any occassion…

beauty products that make you feel pretty

Beauty products to make a girl feel pretty

Eden Fantasys has some of my favorite beauty products – plus, they have such a great customer rewards program, it’s a totally awesome place to shop and stock up. {Just a heads up – Eden Fantasys is an “adult” site… Meaning you might not want to click the link if you’ve got kiddos in the room, lol.}  They’ve got a ton of deals right now too – so let me share those before I tell you about my fave get-pretty products:

  • Use promo code HOLIDAY12 to save 20% on your order (no conditions/restrictions, good on any order until September 7th, 2012)
  • Save 25% on all lingerie items (expires September 7th, 2012)
  • Labor Day Clearance – save up to 70% on selected products

There is a lot more to Eden Fantasys than just the “adult” stuff… You’ll find super pretty robes and bras. Amazing gift sets. And my fave – the beauty lines. Keep reading to learn which products are my go-to picks…

Gettin’ Pretty with Pretty Products

When shopping Eden Fantasys – they make it simple to find just what you’re looking for. At the top you can click through to the “Beauty and Body” category. Then you can narrow down your search by best sellers, by price, by brand, or even by scent. Super cool  – I love sites that make it easy to get what I want.

  • Ok, my first fave is the Cake line of products… I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and love the simple pink and white design on these. And – they smell fantastic, and work amazing. I can’t live without the Diamond Lip Gloss is Gold Glimmer – perfect for almost everyone, no matter what skin tone you are. And the Brown Sugar Scrub is soooooo good.
  • Next – Gift sets. If you’re shopping for bridal showers, bachelorette parties – or any occassion where you’re shopping for a girlfriend or family – You’ll find some seriously great gifts here. I’m a big fan of the Flirty Little Favorites set of body scrub, lotion, and perfume oil infused with pheremones. I get compliments when I wear this. Like, every.single.time. For couples you  could get the Leau a Deux kit – jazz music to play in the background, scented candles, and massage lotions, all packaged up pretty. Or gift the Bellina Box – amazing black case holds some of the best quality products I’ve used.

There are also tons of other great items – the Booty Parlor bubble bath rocks, the make up selections are always such great shades, and the so far – I’ve never come across a product that I didn’t love. And I buy a LOT of product here, lol. So… Since every girl loves a few new products to make her feel a little prettier – especially us busy moms! – stock up on some goodies for yourself, and tuck away a few fun gifts for any special occasions or holidays you have coming up. The women in your life will appreciate it….

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