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The Best Photos Start with Best Buy: Nikon D3300 DSLR Rocks

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera from Best Buy at a reduced price or for free. All opinions on the product are my own.

I’ve always loved photography. I took a few years of photography classes back in high school…. Back with old school SLRs and actual film we developed ourselves in the dark room. {Do I sound super old yet? Please tell me someone else remembers SLRs before they were digital?} I really enjoyed it – but of course, times change. When I was in my early 20’s I went through a few different point and shoot cameras. They worked fine for fun pics of nights out with friends. But now, as a mom, and a blogger, it’s important to me to get more serious about the quality of the pictures that I take, which means I totally needed to upgrade to a better camera.

Nikon D3300 DSLR from Best Buy [Read more…]


Learn How Weight Watchers Personal Coaching Really Works

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers and given a free three month subscription to try their new Personal Coaching product and write about my experience. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. #WeightWatchers #WWsponsored

Recently I told you guys a little about my weight – and showed off some not-so-flattering pictures of how it’s fluctuated a ton over the past ten years. I also mentioned that to really get on track with a healthier lifestyle in this new year, I would be partnering with a personal coach from Weight Watchers. I was really excited to get started… But I’ll admit, just a little nervous too. I filled out my online assessment, so that my coach would know a little more about me before our first call, then got ready to set up my very first coaching appointment. I was super impressed with how easy the process was, and how fun the call was!

Is it bad that right before scheduling my coaching call, I ate this big ol’ piece of chocolate goodness? I savored every last little bite, and told myself it was the last big indulgence for awhile. It was good… But as I ate it, I realized that I was ok with giving up sweets like this, if it meant getting healthier and having more energy to keep up with my crazy-busy lifestyle. But the good news is, after talking to my coach, I realized I don’t have to totally deprive myself of treats – this plan isn’t a “diet,” it’s super flexible, and your coach is there to guide you along the way.

How Personal Coaching Works:

As I mentioned, you first fill out an online assessment, so that you’re coach can learn more about what specific needs you have, since we’re all unique people with different lifestyles and goals.

Next, you get the option to choose your own coach. I LOVED that. There are men and women, all different ages, from different parts of the country. I picked a coach who lives here in the Pacific Northwest, who is also a mom running a home business. I figured she’s understand my challenges pretty well. Also – don’t feel any pressure. You can change your coach at any time if you don’t feel like you “click.”

Then – and this is another favorite part – you get to schedule your own coaching call. You can see at a glance what your coaches schedule is like, and choose the date and time that fit into your busy life. So helpful for me! And if something comes up, you can reschedule up to 24 hours ahead of time too.

Weight Watchers app helps you find healthy restaurant options

Before my first call, I browsed over the website a bit, to learn a little more about how the tracking system works, checked out the recipe section to get some ideas, and tried using some of the tools available on my dashboard. That way, if anything didn’t make sense, I’d be able to ask questions right away. Luckily, everything is so intuitive and easy to understand I had no problems using it. I even downloaded the Weight Watchers app to my iPad, so that I could access it on the go. I love this feature shown in the photo above – you can search tons of restaurants, to help you make healthy choices when dining out. Since I travel a lot, this is really helpful.

Weight Watchers yogurt parfait - only 4 points!

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Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover – Win a Signed Copy!

It’s a new year – which means time for making new goals and plans! The most popular goals are both things I’m here to offer a little help with… If you’re trying to lose weight and get healthier, check out the new Weight Watchers Personal Coaching plan I’ve started, to see if it might be right for you too. And if you’re looking to get your finances in order, then keep reading to enter to win an awesome prize!

Dave Ramsey Money Makeover Giveaway

The New Year is here and it seems that everyone is making resolutions to get healthy, achieve career goals, and get out of debt. Christine Luken, your Financial Lifeguard on Duty, along with me, and a group of our awesome blogger friends, are excited to bring you this giveaway for a SIGNED copy of The Total Money Makeover, plus a journal! Getting financially healthy is definitely a resolution worth making and this great book and journal will help you keep that resolution. I’ve heard SO many good things about this book, and Dave Ramsey in general – I know several friends who have used his plan to get totally out of debt. So I can truly recommend this! [Read more…]


10 Most Popular Posts on Boosting Your Blog

At the start of a new year, I like to take some time to evaluate how things are going in my life – business, and personal. I use the whole month of January to look at what worked – so I can add more of that, and what didn’t – so I can make changes. When it comes to business, one thing I like to do is really take a deep look at my statistics, and use that to help create a solid game plan for the upcoming year. Part of that is looking at Google Analytics to see which posts were the most popular. In doing so, I’ve come up with a few categories that people seem to like the most, and the top 10 posts in each category. That gives me some awesome content to reshare, and a great view of what to do more of.

This site will be changing quite a bit in the new year… I want to do a lot more DIY, crafty type stuff, since that’s what I’m super passionate about. Over the past year our life had a lot of changes, and obstacles, so I wasn’t able to do as much of the “fun” stuff that I wanted. But one thing that has always been a favorite here on Sunshine and Sippy Cups since the beginning has been tips on earning more money – whether it’s blogging advice, or other clever online tips. So, for this first round-up of most popular posts, I’m sharing the 10 posts on this site about earning money that got the most visits during 2014. Hope you find some helpful stuff!

10 Tips to Earn More Money Online With Your BlogFirst of all – I LOVE that quote. It’s totally the way I approach my business. I’ve always been an open book – I share any tips I learn, love to support others and answer questions, and never feel that I have to keep “secrets” to help myself succeed above others. If you know me – online, or in real life – you know I love to help, and get super excited seeing other people have awesome accomplishments! So – here’s the list of the 10 posts about building your blog and earning more income, all filled with tips and resources that work for me, and I hope help you too…. [Read more…]


New Year, New Me – With Weight Watchers

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers and given a free three month subscription to try their new Personal Coaching product and write about my experience. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. #WeightWatchers #WWsponsored

So. It’s almost the new year. 2015. Can you even believe it? I mean, seriously…. I can’t even always remember to write 2014 on my paperwork now, how can it be almost 2015? This year started off amazing, but the past 4 or so months have been so stressful, and the whole year just passed by SO incredibly quickly. But, as I do at the end of every year, I’m in the process of making new goals. New plans. Because I like to make every year bigger, better, and brighter than the one before.

High school weight

Not an amazing quality photo, since I had to steal it from a friend’s facebook page. But, this is me in high school. Like…. 1996-ish. I totally thought I was fat. Ohmyheck – to look back now? I was super skinny. I wish I could be this “fat” these days. I know we all often naturally gain weight as we get older. But my weight has fluctuated so much over the past few years, and I’m determined to fix that. Let me show you a little bit of the action:

Pregnancy weight [Read more…]


Encouraging Kids’ Kitchen Creativity

This post about creativity with kids in the kitchen is sponsored by Mom it Forward and Toca Boca, and I am part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network. All opinions, overuse of the word awesome, and silliness are our own :)

I love to cook. And bake. And create fun stuff.. I love dinnertime dance parties as we get our evening meals ready. But – my skills don’t always match my enthusiasm, if you know what I mean. But in our home, having fun is more important than having perfection. Which is why I’m a big fan of Abby helping me in the kitchen. Sure, I end up with even more imperfect recipes, but we have a great time, and she learns a ton. This is also why I am a HUGE new fan of Toca Boca’s new app, Toca Kitchen 2. Check it out:

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