How to Style a Swing Dress

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So… Some of you know a bit about my major life changes this year. A break-up after 11 years. Life changing health diagnoses. I’ve been out of work all year, until just recently. So, I’ve been sorta living in sweats, leggings, pjs…. The health stuff has caused some big changes too – I lost almost 70 pounds. I’ve thankfully gained 25-30 back {first time I’ve ever celebrated gaining weight!} But my body is all oddly proportioned now. Different than it was. And it fluctuates, since I have ascites, which causes big-time fluid build-up in my belly. So my clothes don’t always fit right. What does this have to do with fall fashion? Well… I want to introduce you guys to an awesome new piece that is a must-have in everyone’s closet. If this Remi Swing Dress from Cents of Style can work for me, I can guarantee that it will work for anyone! :) It seriously looks great on EVERY body type, coming in sizes from  Small – 3X, and you have your choice of 17 amazing colors, from basic neutrals to beautiful jewel tones for fall and into the holidays. [Read more…]


Learn How to Light Up Your Life this Fall!

This post about how to #lightupfall with GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights is sponsored by the awesomesauce team at Acorn – The Influence Company. All opinions are totally ours.

It’s fall ya’all! Yep, here in the PNW it’s fall again. I swear, one day we were having super sunny late summer weather, then overnight it was totally fall with changing leaves and that crisp feeling in the air. Suddenly it was time for leggings and boots, hot coffee instead of iced, and dark mornings and early sunsets. This year has been filled with massive changes, so the changing season is just another one to roll with. And as I transition our lives into fall – thicker body lotion, pumpkin scented candles, cozy scarves and socks – I’m super excited about an awesome gadget that we’ve found that totally lights up our life, and keeps us safe. Let me introduce you to it too!

GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights [Read more…]


Finding Strength and Love in the Walmart Aisles…

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So. This year has been a tough one. So many changes, and pretty much all of them incredibly difficult. Full story for you coming soon, but you can read a bit about my health saga drama if you’d like. Anywho… One big change I’m still adjusting to is not having a man of the house. It’s now just Abby and I, and sometimes my mom, since I need a lot of help these days. Abby says this is our “Girl Cave.” Heck yes it is. But, it is kind of nice when you have a handsome man around the house. Taking out the trash, helping with big projects, being the “muscle of the house” if you will. But, you then have to put up with yucky stuff like toilet seats left up, and dirty socks laying around. Tough balance.

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Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready!

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The holiday season is HERE, you guys! After an extremely rough year – I’m ready to rock this festive time of year, and move on to 2017. A few things that are a big deal in our world right now:

  • Keeping me well. My combo of lifestyle changes and meds seems to be working for now, and I’m feeling ok. Not good. But SO much better than the first half of this year. I’m now one of those compromised immune system people, so my body can’t fight infections very well. But I got my flu and pneumonia shots, have lots of natural remedies stocked up {most cold meds contain alcohol or other ingredients on my no-no list}, and am limiting my plans to make sure I don’t overdo things. So far, so good.
  • Getting back to work. I have been blogging for over 6 years now, full time. But the whole first part of this year, I was MIA. Between being sick, being in the hospital, being at the doctors office, being in bed resting in between… There wasn’t much room to think of anything else. It feels good to be getting back into blogging a little bit – I’ve missed you guys!
  • Redoing the house. My Mister moved out last year, we broke up right before Christmas, and I haven’t cleaned up his office or the shop. {Still sad.} And I’d been sick, so things had gotten messy even before that. And then Abby and I had to live with my mom for a few months, after this last stay in the hospital. So the house just became this messy, unorganized, jumbled up place. But – we’re working on getting things back in order, and prettified. Abby says we’re making it our “Girl Cave” now :)

And a big priority in anyone’s home this time of year is the kitchen, right? Right. It’s where you cook those holiday meals, bake those delicious holiday treats, and gather during holiday parties. So, I want to share an awesome idea for updating your kitchen right now – New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel appliances are so gorgeous and sleek, making any kitchen seriously classy and cool. Check ’em out…

KitchenAid Black Stainless appliances at Best Buy [Read more…]


Create the Ultimate Home Theater!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

In my house, we like to entertain. Our house has always been kind of the gathering place for all of my family, and our friends. It’s become even more so these days, since this health stuff now keeps me at home more than I’d like. During the summer we’re all about outdoor fun – we have a big 4-bay shop where the guys like to tinker around, a giant fruit and veggie garden the kids love to help pick produce from, a big field with a great playhouse and fort, and the best part – a big inground pool that gets a ton of use! During the fall and into winter, it gets pretty darn cold here in the PNW, so we bring the party indoors… But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, no way buddy. And I’ve recently found an awesome new gadget that is on my wish list {are you reading this Santa?} – I can think of SO many ways to use this bad boy. Check it out – the Epson Ultra bright home theater projector, available at one of my fave retailers, Best Buy.

Epson Ultra bright home theater projector [Read more…]


Tips for Living Confident and Doing What You Love #PoiseLinerLove

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Ok ladies, let’s chat. Have a little girl talk. How many of you guys sometimes have a little bit of LBL when you LOL? You know… LBL, light bladder leakage? {LBL sounds cooler. Like, “that joke was so funny I literally LBL’ed dude, seriously.”} It’s not something we moms always talk about, because it can be kind of embarrassing. But, I’m here to fix that – by sharing my own accident story, and an awesome product to help you prevent any messy mishaps of your own. Mom life can be tough, so anything that helps me worry less, gives me confidence, and keeps me feeling fresh and free on the go is super important. So, today I’ll share this magical must-have, along with a few other tips to help you feel free and fresh too!The best products for moms - #poiselinerlove [Read more…]


Small Victories Sunday Linky

How is it already the last week of January? What were your small victories this week? It’s time to say goodbye to January, share our small victories and welcome the fun of February with the SuperBowl and Valentine’s Day around the corner! Tell us about your favorite ways to celebrate these occasions.

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