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Starlink: Battle for Atlas is THE Perfect Family Xbox Game!

I’m SO super excited to share the coolest new Xbox One family game with you guys – Starlink: Battle for Atlas! The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service. Keep reading to check it out…

As you can see, Abby gives this Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Kit an enthusiastic TWO THUMBS UP! We both seriously love it. You can save $25 on Starter Packs, plus, save 30% on Starlink toys, right now at Best Buy stores or online at – Perfect for last minute Christmas shopping, or, for us – to stock up our own collection! Because that’s what makes this game so extra cool… It’s not just a traditional video game you pop in and play. It comes with “modular toy technology,” – meaning, actual physical toy pieces, mixing and matching your favorite ships and pilots, adding cool weapons specific to certain challenges, to constantly change up the way you play the game. So it never gets boring, and you can constantly expand game play!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Ship

Isn’t this super cool?? Abby and I both expected the ships and accessories to be kinda cheap plastic pieces? So we were impressed when they were really substantial feeling, well-built, sturdy, just really cool. She displays them up on her shelf now ;) Here’s a little bit more about the game, in fancy gamer speak:

  • Battle for Atlas is an open-world space saga that features modular toy technology that allows players to assemble and customize real-world physical starships, link the starships to their game controller, and launch into an epic adventure across the Atlas star system, either in single player or with a friend in two-player split-screen local co-op.
  • Each modular component and pilot attached to the starship appears instantly in-game, allowing players to directly affect the course of their battle in a meaningful way.

So, a couple of cool things about this – if you have a kiddo who’s about Abby’s age of 8, where they’re starting to outgrow the “babyish” games, but you’re hesitant to let them move up to some of the more grown-up games due to adult content, this game is SUCH an awesome choice. The open-world concept is cool, because it means that they don’t follow a scripted game-play – they can explore worlds, go into battles, choose what they want to do in the game, and it’s ever-evolving. But, it’s all appropriate content, and while you can play two-player, it’s not a multi-player game with strangers, so you don’t have to worry about any of the issues that come along with that. And, something that REALLY impressed us was that when you change out your weapons on your actual real-life ship on your controller – it actually does change instantly in the game, no lag at all. Super cool!

Starlink Xbox Game for Christmas

I mean, look at this face? All she needs for Christmas is a few more of those front teeth, ha. And all YOUR kids need this Christmas is the new Starlink: Battle for Atlas Xbox One Starter Kit game and accessories from Best Buy! I honestly think this would be a good fit for the entire family – little kids might not fully understand all of the plot, but will love the idea of mixing and matching the toys and players and ships. The game has something for everyone, since the open-world style allows them to make the game what they want it to be. (Abby loves exploring the planets for weird lifeforms, and collecting scientific data about the animals.) The modular toy technology means you can buy new pieces to keep the game fresh and new, and they’re super affordable. And – there are multiple settings, easy to hard, so you can adjust it to any skill level too!

Xbox One Starlink at Best Buy

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available on Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. And HURRY: Save $25 on Starter Packs. Plus, save 30% on Starlink toys. Save big on Starlink: Battle for Atlas toys at Best Buy today! And, if you want to read more about what other families have to say about Starlink – follow the #StarlinkGame across social media to learn more!!


For Dogs and their Owners – Happy Starts Here!

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food   . All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy starts here…. That’s the idea behind ALPO’s wet dog food line. Because for most of us – our dogs are part of the family. We want the best for them, just like we do for our kids. So it’s super important that we’re not only getting them the best nutrition, but also stuff that makes those little tales wag in supreme happiness, right? I’ll be sharing more info on ALPO dog food soon – you’ll get to hear from my little furry mister, Deuce, and see what he thinks of his own taste test, in a couple of weeks. {You can also learn a little more on ALPO’S HOMEPAGE.} Until then, watch the video to hear what this diverse set of focus group dogs thought about it…

ALPO wet food makes three commitmentments to you and your furry friends:

Real Nutritious: There are no shortcuts to a happy diet. This is super important to me, after hearing all of the scary recalls and dangerous additives in some of the cheaper, foreign-made dog foods over the past few years.

Real Quality: Happy starts at the source. I don’t want fillers and junk in my dog’s food – I want him to get real, high quality ingredients, just like the meals I serve the rest of my family.

Real Happy: The proof is in the pooch. ALPO stands behind their product, and is confident that even the pickiest dog will love it.

To learn more, visit ALPO’s Facebook Page. And be sure to share photos of your dog – especially if you’ve got a shot of him or her with ALPO! – on your favorite social media sites using the tag #HappyStartsHere. You can also search that tag on Twitter and Instagram to see what other pet people are saying about ALPO wet dog foods. Stay tuned to her what my little guy has to say… .

Tweet me at @sunandsipcups with the #HappyStartsHere tag if you’re an ALPO lover too!

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Sneak Peek at the Hottest New Toys for the Holidays

“The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.” – Unknown… I might technically, age-wise, be considered what you call an “adult” – but I definitely don’t consider myself a grown up. No way. Becoming a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me in so many ways – especially because it gave me an excuse to play with toys again :) I seriously love picking out new toys for the playroom – and I’m not sure who has more fun playing with them – me or the kids! So, I was crazy-excited to get an invite last month to visit Sweet Suite ’13 while in Chicago for BlogHer, and get an inside look at all of the coolest new toys arriving on store shelves this holiday season. And of course, I’m here to share that inside peek with you guys too – Keep reading to see some of my favorites…

Skylanders SWAP Force

Ok, you might already know what a big fan I am of Activision… I loved being a part of the Activision Family Game Summit a while back, and love that they create so many great games that are perfect for families to play together. So when I stopped by their booth at Sweet Suite and they showed me their new Skylanders SWAP Force gear coming out soon, I just HAD to try them out on their big screen TV! The boys in my house are huge Skylanders fans – and these are definitely going to be a big hit this fall. I love that they’re a budget-friendly way to buy game characters – just a few of them can mix and match into a ton of cool characters for super cool game play!

My Girl's Dollhouse

My Girl’s Doll house [Read more…]


Does Your Toddler Need a Nursing Pillow?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
“Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.” – Bill Cosby… Ah, motherhood. I remember the excitement I had when I was pregnant with Abby, waiting to finally meet her for the first time. I also remember the absolute terror I felt the first time I walked into a Babies R’ Us store for the first time… OHMYHECK. There are 237 different types of bottles. Why are there so many different rattles? Do I need a bouncer and a swing and a vibrating swing and a jumper to hang in the doorway too? With all of that gear, do I even get to hold my baby sometimes?? It was overwhelming, all of those choices. But, I was lucky – we had extended family living with me at the time, so Abby would have to share a bedroom with me, her daddy, and our fluffy little dog. Why was that lucky? Well, it forced me to be super selective about what I purchased – meaning I didn’t go overboard, and I bought things that transitioned well to toddler life. Today I’ll share one great product that you’ll use the heck out of with your new baby, that will be just as popular when they grow into toddlerhood.

Mombo nursing pillow with slipcover and vibration unit [Read more…]


Does Your Kid Really Need a Tablet? – #Tech

Does your kid need a tablet yet?… This is a big question, when even kids as young as 5 are getting cell phones. {20% of them, in a recent study by Norton. Totally blew me away!} And tablets are one of those things that every kid wants, and insists that they need. But for the littlest kiddos – is it truly a great learning tool that’s worth purchasing? Or just another gadget that they’ll break or lose interest in within a few weeks – becoming a big waste of money? Well, let’s look at one of the hottest gadgets of the year for 3-9 year olds, the InnoTab 2S, a new tablet for kids from VTech.

Choosing a tablet for kids [Read more…]


How to Build a Better Smile – #CrestSponsored

Kids smiling

Keeping Kids Smiles Bright!

About a month ago, I told you guys about a new challenge we were doing – We started following the  Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control regimen, where we’d try out some of the new products, and build some better brushing habits in our house. Well, I can tell ya – the kids and I loved every single product we tried out. And we are definitely switching to this floss – we were all really impressed with how easy the Glide floss is to use.

How to Build a Better Smile

I love seeing those great big grins on the kiddo’s faces – so it’s totally important to me to protect them from yucky stuff like cavities and stains. The video above shares some great info – and here are a few tips we use at my house:

  • Make sure that everyone has a good routine – brushing, flossing, and rinsing both morning and night. {A fun way to make sure kids brush long enough is to get the Twooth Timer, a cute little gadget that has made my life SO much easier!}
  • Use the best products. The Pro-Health line from Crest and Oral-B is awesome because most of the products do double duty – cleaning, whitening, and even protecting!
  • Brush smart: You should brush for about 2 minutes, twice a day. Harder is NOT better – that can lead to over-sensitive teeth. Use a rinse with fluoride – swish about 2 teaspoons full in your mouth for 1 minute, twice a day. And remember to change to a new toothbrush every 3 months. {We write the date on the handle when we purchase new ones!}

There are also some great books to get little ones excited about brushing time, like Brush Your Teeth Please Pop-Up Book. Abby loved that one, and she thinks that brushing her teeth is so cool that she steals the other toothbrushes out of the cabinet and walks around the house brushing with them. {That means I’ve been buying everyone a lot of new toothbrushes lately, lol.} So – get your family motivated to do a Pro-Health Challenge too! Pick up the products at your local drugstore or Walmart, and see how well they all work together – it’s an awesome little system. And build brighter smiles for your family this year too!

{Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and Oral-B and received product samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a promotional gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.}


Finding Nemo 3D in Theaters – Take a Sneak Peek!

New 3D Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo in 3D!

I am so super excited about this – Did you know that Finding Nemo is going to be in theaters, in 3D!! – September 14th, 2012??!! Love it. This was one of my very favorite movies… Although I admit, I’m a sap, and always fast forwarded through the very beginning. I hated watching the family getting taken away. Take a sneak peek at the trailer…

Perfect Family Movie

Doesn’t that make you excited to see this again – especially in 3D? The animation in this movie is already so beautiful, I can’t wait to see how cool in looks in the updated version. It’s also super funny and entertaining – I’m a lot like Dory, so she’s my favorite :) And, it’s such a good message for parents – While we all want to hold on to our babies as tight as we can, our job is to teach them to fend for themselves, and eventually let them go. The whole, giving them wings to leave the nest thing. Yes, like I said, I’m a sap! This movie makes me cry every time….

Who else is super excited for this to hit theaters?