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Learn How to Light Up Your Life this Fall!

This post about how to #lightupfall with GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights is sponsored by the awesomesauce team at Acorn – The Influence Company. All opinions are totally ours.

It’s fall ya’all! Yep, here in the PNW it’s fall again. I swear, one day we were having super sunny late summer weather, then overnight it was totally fall with changing leaves and that crisp feeling in the air. Suddenly it was time for leggings and boots, hot coffee instead of iced, and dark mornings and early sunsets. This year has been filled with massive changes, so the changing season is just another one to roll with. And as I transition our lives into fall – thicker body lotion, pumpkin scented candles, cozy scarves and socks – I’m super excited about an awesome gadget that we’ve found that totally lights up our life, and keeps us safe. Let me introduce you to it too!

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Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready!

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The holiday season is HERE, you guys! After an extremely rough year – I’m ready to rock this festive time of year, and move on to 2017. A few things that are a big deal in our world right now:

  • Keeping me well. My combo of lifestyle changes and meds seems to be working for now, and I’m feeling ok. Not good. But SO much better than the first half of this year. I’m now one of those compromised immune system people, so my body can’t fight infections very well. But I got my flu and pneumonia shots, have lots of natural remedies stocked up {most cold meds contain alcohol or other ingredients on my no-no list}, and am limiting my plans to make sure I don’t overdo things. So far, so good.
  • Getting back to work. I have been blogging for over 6 years now, full time. But the whole first part of this year, I was MIA. Between being sick, being in the hospital, being at the doctors office, being in bed resting in between… There wasn’t much room to think of anything else. It feels good to be getting back into blogging a little bit – I’ve missed you guys!
  • Redoing the house. My Mister moved out last year, we broke up right before Christmas, and I haven’t cleaned up his office or the shop. {Still sad.} And I’d been sick, so things had gotten messy even before that. And then Abby and I had to live with my mom for a few months, after this last stay in the hospital. So the house just became this messy, unorganized, jumbled up place. But – we’re working on getting things back in order, and prettified. Abby says we’re making it our “Girl Cave” now :)

And a big priority in anyone’s home this time of year is the kitchen, right? Right. It’s where you cook those holiday meals, bake those delicious holiday treats, and gather during holiday parties. So, I want to share an awesome idea for updating your kitchen right now – New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel appliances are so gorgeous and sleek, making any kitchen seriously classy and cool. Check ’em out…

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How to DIY Holiday Centerpieces Using Wine Bottles – Tutorial

I love DIY home decor. And I love it even more when you can personalize your home on a budget. So I am totally in love with the super fun ideas in this new video from Sabrina Soto, on She’s so fun to watch – really upbeat and bubbly, and just very real. She always has really good tips to share – but this is one of my favorites: It was originally filmed as tips for Thanksgiving, but all of the ideas totally work for any season or celebration. Check out this amazing centerpiece she made from super simple materials –

Simple DIY Centerpiece on a Budget - using wine bottles! Tutorial

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White Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice Brownie Bites

This fall treat post is sponsored by Global Influence with super yummy fall candy provided by Hershey’s.

I’m lucky to live in a place where we have four very distinct seasons – Yakima, Washington. And while it’s very hard to choose a favorite, I do think fall is it. I live in a really agricultural area, filled with farms and orchards and vineyards, so not only is it beautiful here this time of year as the leaves change colors – it’s a delicious time of year too. There are so many local produce and farm stands to choose from, and there are tons of fun pick-your-own pumpkin patches. And speaking of pumpkin…. Here in Washington, we’re also the home of Starbucks, and the un-official drink of fall, the Pumpkin Spice Latte! And since I’m a big fan of all things pumpkiny, I created a sweet treat inspired by my favorite flavors of fall – White Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Brownie Bites. Yum-mazing.

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Project Playroom Makeover – Ideas, Inspiration, and Product Picks

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson… I’m in the process of totally overhauling our house. From painting, trim, and new doors throughout the house, to new flooring and fixtures. And as those rooms get jazzed up, they’ll need new furnishings and accessories too. Plus, a few of our rooms are changing their function… My brother and my 2 nephews used to live with me, but moved out last year. So, we changed gears on some of the projects we’d been planning, to take advantage of the extra rooms we’d have to play with. I was originally working on a master bedroom makeover – since Abby still shared a room with us and needed space to play, and my office was in there too. But now, we have a whole room to convert into a playroom filled with color and whimsy – and I cannot wait to get it finished up! Until then, I wanted to share some of the coolest ideas, inspiration, and product picks that I’ve come across while putting this all together, so maybe you can find something perfect for your little one too…

Kids Room Decor Tips: Find a focal point

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