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Win $100 Free Foster Farms Gift Pack Giveaway! #FFBuzzerBeaters #MrsK4FosterFarms

To gear up for this season of college basketball tournaments, I’ve teamed up with Mrs. Kathy King to give one lucky fan a chance to win a $100 in Free Foster Farms Gift Pack.

Win free Foster Farm!

If you are planning a basketball party this season you are sure to make a game-time snacking slam dunk with these party ideas.

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Individual 7 Layer Dip Recipe in a Martini Glass

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Win a $150 Target Gift Card!

Oh em gee. You know how much I heart Target, right? And I’ve recently spent way too much there – including the 3 ft tall, light up, tinsel and sparkling holiday Llama – in his wee little Christmas legwarmers. I can’t even with that thing. I’m a single mom, with chronic illness, on a tight budget. But I recently won a Target gift card, and this llama makes my heart so happy, I had to order him. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see her get to live in my newly made-over master bedroom. Squee. She’ll be here Thursday. We’ve already named her, Luna the Llama. To go with Sunshine the Christmas Sloth we recently purchased at Walmart. Get it, like the sun, and the moon? Kinda? Anyway. If you love Target too, here ya go:

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How to Be Prepared When Kids Get Sick – #SickJustGotReal

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

I think everyone had started back to school by now, right? I’m amazed at what a difference there is in school start dates across the country. But now at the end of September, we’re fully into fall, and here in the PNW the weather decided to start matching the calendar. Chilly mornings that call for hoodies and boots, early morning bus stops with backpacks full of books, and pumpkin spice everywhere you look.

Fall flower wreaths

But, the cooler weather brings more than just school days and lattes – it also brings coughs and colds and kiddos with a runny nose. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through a winter without at least one cold – and now that I have a little one in elementary, the germs are everywhere. So, it’s pretty inevitable that someone in your home, somewhere, at some time this season, is going to come down with a cold, or at least cold-like symptoms of stuffy head, body aches, coughs, and more. [Read more…]


Plasma Car Giveaway!!

Every kid loves a toy that they can scoot around on. Whether they’re driving, riding, pushing, pulling – they want a toy with wheels that they can climb on and GO. If you don’t get them an official car-type toy, they’ll find their own, like riding on the dog :) So, why not get the kiddos in your life a super fun plasma car? Perfect for almost any kid – and I’m giving you a chance to WIN one, right here!

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Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!!

Hey sunshine! You know how much I love giveaways. And you know that I love YOU. So – here’s a giveaway just for you. Awesomesauce. There are a lot of entries here – you don’t have to do them all. It just takes ONE entry to get your name in there somewhere :) But the more you complete, the MORE chances to win. So – have fun, and good luck!!

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Win a $200 Michael Kors Gift Card!

Heeeey ladies. I’m really trying to get back into the blogging groove again. I’m super active on social still, and have a plan to start being more consistent here again too. Health stuff really got me down, that nonsense can be tough to get a handle on! But, I’m still here. Still creating rad stuff for ya’all. Like this here – a gosh darn uh-MAY-zing giveaway. Keep reading, check out some of the other awesome bloggers involved, enter to win, and good luck!!

Michael Kors Giveaway


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Pacific Play Clubhouse Play Tent Giveaway!

Hey guys! I’m back again, with another awesome giveaway for you to enter. We LOVE play tents like this in our house, so I’m super excited that one of you will get a super fun one for your own home! Check it out….

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