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Wedding Paper Divas: 10 Free Save the Date Cards

At this time of year, we’re usually thinking of sleigh bells. But if you’re one of those lucky ladies who are also thinking about wedding bells – I’ve got a really fabulous little goodie for you today – Enjoy ten (10) free save the date cards or save the date postcards using the code SAVEYOURDATE at checkout. How awesome is that?

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Make your Season Brighter Without Making your Wallet Lighter!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….” – Yep ladies, it’s that time of year – the holidays are here! I’m about as festive and holly jolly as you can get, so I get SUPER excited as we pass Halloween, and head into my favorite season. We actually just put up our Christmas lights on the outside of the house, the fences, and in the trees this afternoon, before it starts snowing here. Then, after we’ve all been stuffed with too much turkey, we head out across the street, and mom flips the switch to turn on all of the lights! Love it. If you’re in the holiday spirit too, I’ve got some sweeeet deals just for you.

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15 Awesome Ways to Shop for Free

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek… Yes, things aren’t what bring real happiness to our lives. But getting things that are fun, pretty, helpful, and needed – and getting them for cheap, or even FREE – does bring me some serious happiness. And, since I’ve learned quite a few savvy shopping tips over the past two years since becoming a momma on an incredibly tight budget {learn why our financial situation changed so drastically here}, I put together this awesome list of all of the sites that I use to shop for free. Seriously. Keep reading to learn my 15 ways to shop for free – this is especially helpful during the holiday season!

15 Awesome Ways to Shop for Free

15 Awesome Ways to Shop for Free – Perfect for the holidays!

Ok – here’s how it works. All of these sites work really similarly, and I’ve given some details on each one listed. Each site finds new products, often designers and high-end brands, and offers a limited selection of those products at rock bottom prices. The brands benefit because they get their products seen by a ton of new people – and while they’re selling their products below cost, they’re hopefully reaching loyal new customers. You benefit because you get introduced to amazing new products and brands you might not have found on your own, and you get access to them at prices you can actually afford {versus the regular designer brand prices that most of us just can’t fit into our budget!} And…. You can share the awesomeness with your fave friends and family, and earn rewards for it. Every single one of these sites will give you free money to spend when you refer your friends to join.

I {obviously} love sharing cool things that I find

Whether it’s a super helpful product, a smart resource or site, or a fab deal, I’ve always been the social type that says, “I can’t just keep this to myself, this is too awesome.” It’s why I used to post stuff to my personal Facebook page like crazy, why I love having mommy parties at my house to share products, and why I started this site – To share those amazing finds with you ladies. Because as I always say – “Friends don’t let friends pay full price.” Right?

Love our Frugal tips? See my Awesome Tips for Frugal Moms board on Pinterest!

Avoid the Holiday Overspending Trap!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s just a little over a 100 days until Christmas! Crazy, right? {Today is September 12th, 2012, to put it into perspective whenever you might be stumbling across this post…} Using sweet deal sites like these listed is a great way to save a ton of money on holiday shopping on it’s own {plus, it helps you find more unique gift ideas then you’d come across at your local mall.} – But it can be a total LIFE SAVER when you have tons of free credits at each one, and use those to do almost all of your holiday shopping for FREE. For reals. Last year I hardly spent any money at all, and was still able to do gifts for my friends & family, host parties, and donate to non-profits in my area – without breaking our budget. If you’re ready to jump in and do the same, these links will get you rockin’ in no time. Yes, I’m a blogger, so I have a wider network than some, making it a little easier to share & earn. But honestly – I started doing this years ago before I had a blog, and was still able to get loads of amazing free stuff for my family. Enjoy!

  1. The Mini Social: This site is totally focused on the best sample sales for everything baby, kid, and mom related. You’ll find really great boutique brands here – but the steep discounts means that sales sell out quick! Every time you share a deal with a friend who makes a purchase, you’ll get a free $10 credit to spend. There’s no limit. Join The Mini Social.
  2. Treehouse Tykes: This site finds awesome children’s furniture, bedding, gear, accessories and apparel, then sells it at up to 70% off. Plus, 10% of net proceeds go to the school or charity of your choice, which is so great. At this site, you get to share a free $10 shopping credit with new friends who sign up {yep, you get it too when you click that link. Awesome, right?} – Plus, you get $10 in free credit too when they make their first purchase.
  3. Plum District: This is one of my faves, and I shop here a lot. Great deals on a really wide variety of family products – and I like that the “fine print” is very easy to find and understand, with any limitations clearly stated, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you think you are. So helpful. Join today, and every time a friend you refer makes a purchase, you get a $5 credit to spend!
  4. Zozi: Ok – this is a ROCKIN’ site. They have incredible deals on amazing adventure trips, and super sweet savings on local day trips, events, and attractions too. At Zozi, you get a $10 thank you gift credit when a friend or family member that you invite makes their first purchase. And your friends will LOVE you when they find out how cool these deals are.
  5. Open Sky: This is a ROCKIN’ site – You choose which of your favorite designers, chefs, or celebrities you want to follow. Then each week you get to purchase their fave finds at a BIG discount. And – you get your own special invite link to share. When someone clicks it, they get a free $25 credit to Open Sky {Seriously, click it and get it added to your new account today!} – PLUS, you’ll get a free $25 credit as soon as they make their first purchase. Uh-MAY-zing.
  6. Totsy: This one’s been around for a long time, so many of you are probably members already. If not – join today, and invite your friends! When their first order ships, you get a whopping $15 bucks in free credit to spend on your next Totsy shopping spree. Sweet.
  7. Moolala: This site is a little different – in a good way! It has sweet daily deals {the iPhone accessories lately have been amazing!} – and you can easily share the direct links to those cool deals with your friends. As they sign up, they go into your “Pay Matrix.” As they invite their own friends, those peeps also go into your matrix. Then every time people make purchases, you earn a little percentage of that into your account. Then you can request a check anytime you’ve got more than $5 in your account {sweet} – or spend it on the Moolala site to get a bonus bit of cash back! So cool.
  8. Spotted Fox: This is a really cool new site that I’ve been working with lately… I love that unlike most of the deal sites, this one actually has MY city available! They’re getting new smaller markets in all the time, so it’s a great one to sign up with and enjoy the cool “Everywhere” deals until your city becomes available. When you click this link, for a limited time you’ll get a free $5 credit when you sign up. Then get an extra $5 bucks in credit every time a friend you refer makes a purchase!
  9. HomeSav: I’ve shared these amazing home deals with you guys a few times now – VERY cool stuff. They find seriously cool collections for every part of your home, and offer them to you in limited quantities at deep discounts. And you get bigger rewards the more people you share your fab finds with – 3 friends join, get $10 in free credit. Once 10 friends join the site, you’ll get another $15 bucks in credit. And if you reach 25 friends total who set up a free account on HomeSav to get access to the awesome buys, you’ll get ANOTHER bonus of $40 in free credit – for a total of $70 dollars in freebies. Sweet.
  10. Bloom: Get $1 in free credit every single time a new friend you refer sets up a free page. What is I’ll let them explain it: “A place where real women and beauty pros share visually-inspiring beauty trends, tag products they use to achieve those looks and solve beauty dilemmas. Finally, one unbiased source that makes beauty fun and simple.” Join me at the web’s biggest beauty social network today!
  11. Sharing Spree: When you refer friends to this site and they make a purchase, you’ll get a free $10 credit to spend on one of their amazing daily deals. What’s even better than that? Well, every purchase made on Sharing Spree means a donation to a local non-profit! So far, they’ve raised $352,519 for great causes!
  12. Daily Deals for Moms: This is exactly what it says it is – A fun site with new deals each day, targeted towards busy moms like us. Share the family-friendly sales with friends and get $10 bucks to spend for yourself!
  13. Everyone knows that Moo makes the best business cards, right? I love their super fun inspiration in each email newsletter, and that they have so many cool tools and options available to help you create incredible cards to show off your business. But, did you know that you can earn free credit to spend there too? Refer friends to, and get $7.50 in your account when they make a purchase! {Plus, they get a sweet 10% off on their purchase when they shop from your link} – And, you don’t need a business to benefit from their cool cards – use them as “Mommy Cards,” with your name, number and email to connect with other new moms you meet at the playground. Make emergency contact cards, to give to babysitters, daycares, or inside kiddo’s backpacks. They could be super fun little mini-invitations. With the gorgeous quality of Moo printing, you could even use them to make little “baby update” cards to send out monthly to friends and family – Pic of baby on the front, growth and milestone updates on the back. So fun!
  14. Zulily: This is one of my personal favorites to shop at – For me! They have great sale events on shoes, fashions, and accessories for me. Love that. And – share your faves with your girlfriends, and get TWENTY BUCKS in free credit as soon as they make their own first order. Sah-WEET!
  15. Adore Me: This is a super fun site – Showrooms filled with pretty new bras, undies, and sleepwear pieces at really affordable prices. I’ve been really happy with the quality of everything I’ve ordered, and I can be pretty picky about undergarments! Also, free shipping – BOTH ways, in case you need to return ’em. And get $10 in free credit when your friends join and shop too.
UPDATE: I’m adding more of these sites as I find {and/or} remember them! Everytime I come across a new site like this, I always join – it’s just such a simple way to share deals and earn freebies. Hope you enjoy them too!
HomeMint: Awesome and totally unique home goods and art, designed and curated by Justin Timberlake. Love it, right? Join HomeMint and earn a $50 credit when 5 friends make a purchase too! {Plus, you earn points for every single dollar you spend there too!}

What do you think? Are you crazy-super-excited to start earning free credits to shop for you and your family? Ready to do this year’s holiday shopping for almost FREE? Awesome, because I’m excited to SHARE this with you guys. I’ve been meaning to write this post for months – but when I realized how quick the holidays are approaching, I realized I needed to get on it asap. Because not only do I want you guys to be able to shop free this year, but I’m also excited for you to be able to share sweet deals with your friends, and help THEM shop for free too!

Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Full Price…

Do you have any other sites to add to this list? If so, I’d LOVE to learn about them! Leave your referral link in the comments below, so that we can all sign up and get YOU some free stuff too! And, if you have any great tips, stories of how sites like this have helped you, or other info to share – please leave a comment. I’d love to feature some great stories on this site!

{Disclaimer: Post contains referral links, which means I earn the same credits that you can, when you use my links to join these sites. But they are all sites that I am personally an active member on, trust, and can honestly recommend. Photo credit: AntwerpenR.}


How to Get Free Amazon MP3 Credits All Month

Did you know you can get FREE MP3 credits for Yep, until the end of the month of September, every time you redeem your Swagbucks points for a free gift card, you’ll also get a free MP3 credit as a bonus!

Amazon MP3 free credits


How to get free MP3 Credits on Amazon

When you snag an Gift Card during the month of September, you will be rewarded with a $1 promotional credit for Amazon MP3. With over 20 million songs, they’re sure to have that new song you’re lovin’ lately, an oldie you don’t already have in your collection, or your toddler’s favorite song that she loves to listen to 127 times in a row. Start earning reward points with today to snag your Gift Card and $1 Amazon MP3 promotional credit before Sept. 30th. Pretty sweet deal, right?



More ways to earn free Amazon gift cards

Watch the video to learn about another cool new way to earn Swagbucks – Shop & Earn! With the crazy-busy holiday season coming soon – You can save a ton of time and money by doing your fall shopping online. And if you shop through Swagbucks, you’ll also earn awesome free rewards too…

 What are you waiting for? Join Swagbucks today!


Free Fisher Price Toys: How to Have a HouseParty – The budget hostesses best friend!… If you’ve never heard of House Party, you can read details here – How to host a House Party. The basics are just to sign up on their site, apply for parties you’re interested in, invite friends when you get approved, and party it up with your free party packs when they arrive. Totally simple, and totally awesome.

Fisher-Price Playdate House Party

Why House Party Rocks

Ok, as a long-time member of, I admit – the parties aren’t always as good as they used to be. If I could offer the brands that sponsor parties a word of advice, it would be to choose fewer hosts, and send those hosts bigger packages – instead of trying to send very bare-bones packages to a huge amount of people. It makes the hosts more excited to get a generous package that they feel good about inviting friends over to share, it makes them more likely to build buzz for your brand, and it just gives a positive vibe to a TON of people who received a sweet package from you. The whole point is to get people talking about you, spreading the word about new products, and building some great buzz for your brand, so you want to make sure the packages you send make people excited enough to do that. And…. One brand who clearly TOTALLY understands this is Fisher-Price – Check out the package that they sent us this weekend:

Fisher Price New Fall Toys Free Houseparty

Fisher-Price Toddler House Party

Ok – this isn’t the greatest pic ever. We unloaded the GIANT box of free toys in the spare bedroom that’s still kind of a mess after my brother and the kids moved out – and it was getting late, which meant not a great amount of light. But neither Abby or I could wait until morning to check out this big ol’ package…. And ohmyHECK, we were not disappointed! Here’s what we received:

We still have one more shipment on the way, with all of the other goodie bag gear – Fisher Price coloring books, DVD’s, coupons, and more. So that if the kids find a new favorite while playing with this new fall line-up of fun toys, moms can save some bucks if they want to head out and purchase them too! Awesome, right?

Learn more about the upcoming Fisher Price House Parties by following #FisherPricePlaydate on Twitter – or check out @HousePartyFun for updates on upcoming parties you can apply for!

So – now that you know how awesome these packs from House Party can be – make sure to sign up for a free account today, to get updates on new parties to apply for over the holiday season. They have everything from food and wine, to basic household supplies like the new Kleenex hand towels – to totally fun party packs for holiday entertaining, like the Kmart Halloween party that’s open to applications now. So get signed up and apply to host some fun {and totally FREE!} parties today!

More Awesome Frugal Living Tips for Busy Moms:


Free Local Family Fun Passes to Print Today – And More!

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you”- Ralph Waldo Emerson If you were an early reader of this site, you’ll remember that I started out as a much more “Frugal Living” style of blog. One of my first big successes was my How to Get Free Stuff series, where I showed pics of the amazing amount of goodies I got completely free from things like entering giveaways, joining awesome mailing lists, or signing up for the best rewards programs. I still do all of that stuff, but as the blog evolved and grew into something a little different {I call it Smart Solutions for Busy Moms} – I stopped sharing as many of my frugal-style tips and tricks. But – sometimes I come across a new program that is so awesome, I can’t help but share it with you guys… And as you have probably guessed, I have one to share with you ladies today. It will rock your socks.

Scott's Shared Values - free stuff for families

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”- Benjamin Franklin

So what is this awesome new program that I think is worth joining? Why join yet another rewards program? I know those are the questions you’re thinking right now, lol. Well – first off, the more programs and mailing lists that you’re on, the more amazing cool stuff you’ll get. I mean, I get super cool free samples in the mail I’m not even expecting – simply because I’m on a list of interested peeps somewhere. I find super helpful emails each day with the best new offers for free or deeply discounted deals on things I need for the fam – just because I’m a part of so many great rewards programs. So this stuff is seriously worth joining. {Get a list of great newsletters I recommend to get freebies and cool stuff here.} And this new program from Scott’s is one of the cooler ones that I’ve seen in a long time – It’s actually simple to join and get started, the rewards are the type of things that you actually want and need, and it’s just really honestly cool.

free family fun passes

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

When I signed up – for Yakima, Washington, and then entered my zip for a Family Fun Pass – They let me choose from the location I wanted, so I requested a free admission to our local skating rink – Skateland. They emailed within a minute, printed my voucher – easy peasy, and done. Seriously – sign up to see what free Family Fun Passes are available for you this month, then keep checking back each month for new ones. No strings – just free, and super cool.

how to get free values for your family

Want to get started earning free family rewards asap??

Of course you do. It’s simple. It’s free. It gives you cool free stuff. And it’s from an awesome brand. If that hasn’t sold ya – here are a few more goodies – You can buy super cool ticket packages to see of the best racing events this summer. Or get 3 full free months to try out that new Blockbuster movie by mail program. You can get super sweet discounts on Hertz car rental too. Or get great coupons instantly for Scott’s brand products. Awesome, I know. So use this form to sign up now – without even having to click through to another site.

If the form doesn’t load or work for you – you can also find it in my sidebar all month, or click here!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, get your freebies – then use the tweet button below to share with your own friends or networks. Or use my easy peas share buttons to post to Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or whatever social media you love most. Because, friends don’t let friends pay full price, right? And this is such a sweet program you totally have to share it! It’s brand new, so most of your friends may not have even seen it yet! And it is rockin’ – for real.

 Join Scott’s Free Rewards Program for New Freebies Every Month – Including Free Family Fun Passes for August! 

{Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.}



Free Cupcakes for People Like Us – Mothers!

free cupcakes for mothers day

Free Mother’s Day Cupcakes!

I told you about the other free cupcakes giveaway from Sprinkles Cupcakes last week, to celebrate the new movie People Like Us. Well now they’re doing another SWEET freebie – {yep, as always, pun intended. I’m so punny…} – On Mother’s Day, May 13, head into any Sprinkles Cupcakes location and say, “People Like Us” to get a totally free cupcake to celebrate people like us – Mothers! {And, watch for the movie premier, in theaters June 29, 2012.}

Love Cupcakes? Check out my Pinterest Cupcake Idea board filled with super fun ideas today!