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Bloggertunities: Grow Your Blog with This Week’s Best Opps & Leads

Grow your blog – Monetize, find new leads and blogging opportunities, and get the best tips too… Hi all! Welcome to another weekly Bloggertunities post, a round-up of the best blogging tips, tools, leads, opps, and events of the week. I hope you’ll find some helpful stuff – and if you do, be sure to share it with your networks too!

Blogging tips, opportunities, and ways to earn money blogging“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friend.” – Walt Disney

Love this week’s quote. This totally relates to blogging – what we each hope for is that our posts are so entertaining, educating, and enlightening that not only do people want to come back again to read more – but they want to share it with their friends too. That’s the whole point of good marketing – and as bloggers, that’s what we are: Marketers. Whether it’s for a brand or sponsor, or just for our OWN brands – we’re in the business of marketing our words, our sites, ourselves. And who else is more inspirational for people like us than Mr. Disney himself, right? :) I hope you find some helpful info here this week – and that’s it’s helpful enough for you to want to share it too! And for all of my much-loved bloggy buddies on the East Coast – I hope you’re all recovering from the storm as best as you can. Definitely thinking of you guys!

I’m hosting my first Blog Hop Giveaway – Join me, and some of my best-est bloggy buddies for a free event –Jingle Jubilee! Get details and join the fun today!

Monetize Your Blog

  • Pinbooster: Sign up, set up a quick account, and set a “per pin” price. Then, get offers to be paid to pin things to your Pinterest boards from brands. I’m brand new here, but have heard good things… {It was recommended to me by the absolutely amazing and super smart Stacie at SimplyStacie. So I trust it :)}
  • zuuzs: This is an awesome site that I still earn a consistent income with each month. They share awesome discount codes, and do really big-ticket giveaways. But they also give you cash back when you shop – Not just on your purchases, but those of your friends and family too. Build a big network, earn a big income. Check it out: Join
  • Affiliate: Join the One Kings Lane Affiliate Program Today – it’s super simple to earn commissions, since the deals rock. And for every referral you send their way, you earn $10 bucks each!
  • Social Media Chimps: I just started working with them, and couldn’t be happier! They offer an ad network to monetize your traffic, sponsored posts, and fun review opportunities. Learn more and apply to join here:
  • Walmart: Walmart is opening up a new affiliate program – this could be a huge money-maker over the holidays. It says on the site that they are only accepting the first 100 sign-ups, but then it gives a link to share the opp with others who might be interested. I’m thinking maybe they want a list, to be able to take more people as they’re ready for it. Check it out and get on the list!
  • Shoe Dazzle: Earn $10 when you refer new affiliates, $20 for every sale through your affiliate link, and a $1 every time someone simply registers their info on the Shoe Dazzle site. Join the ShoeDazzle Affiliate Program on ShareASale. I’ve already earned almost $100, and it’s been really popular with my readers. Win-win, right?
  • Examiner: I’m the Yakima Frugal Living Examiner – meaning I get to post anything related to my life as a mom trying to stay on a budget, as long as I can tie it to something local. Here’s an example of a post on my column that’s very locally focused:Fall Fun in Yakima for Under $10, or another that’s easy to promote to any audience:Frugal Grocery Tips for Busy Moms. Once you’re writing for awhile, you’ll earn “Local Credentials” – meaning you can request passes to local events and cool happenings. Learn more and sign up to start earning.

Tips, Tools,and Resources

  • Skinny Scoop: I just set up an account here – {Check me out, and follow me if you wanna hang out there :)} It has a TON of cool tools you can utilize for blog posts – I’m kind of excited to take a little time, and start using some of them.
  • Checklist: This is a great one to keep in your blogging binder. {Do you use one? It’s a total life-saver for me} – the 7-Point Blog Health Checklist is a basic set of things to look for on our your blog to make sure it’s running well. I check my site with these points once a month, it’s a great reminder.
  • Deals: Are you always looking for sweet new deals to share with your readers? Then sign up for the newsletter. You can see an example of what they’ll send you – it’s an easy to share round-up of deals and discounts exclusively for bloggers and their readers. Sounds cool, eh?
  • Planner: Free Blog Marketing and Editorial Calendar template to download. She explains each section, how she uses it, and offers it up as a free download for you too!
  • Peer Index: This one is really similar to Klout – I don’t pay too much attention to it, honestly, but I do like that my score gets me sweet free stuff. Today I just got 100 free mini-cards from Moo, which rocks. Check out Peer Index.

Brand Leads and Opps

  • Social Chorus: I’ve heard some great things about this site. I was sure that I’d applied a few months ago, but when I heard about a fun campaign today, and went to log-in and check it out {I’d forgotten all about this site} – It said I wasn’t a member. So I just joined again – not sure if only some are approved, or if maybe I didn’t fill it all out last time {I’m tired most days, lol} – But I hear cool stuff, so it’s worth checking out! Social Chorus.
  • Holiday Baking: {EXPIRED} Sign up for this holiday baking opportunity, featuring either Domino Sugar, or C&H Sugar, depending what part of the country you live in. I don’t know many details on it – but here is the sign-up form if you’re interested.
  • Madame Deals: Join her group by filling out this form, to get access to great tutorials and her group, plus get connected to opps like reviews, giveaways, and more.
  • Simply Sassy Media: This is a great network to join – lots of opps from cool products to paid posts. You can request to join the Facebook group, and then check out their website to sign up to get their Blogger Outreach emails with new campaigns to apply for.

Linkys, Hops, & Events

  • Sweet event to join now: I’m helping to host the online portion of the NYC Activision Family Game Night Summit! Register before October 31 to be eligible for a swag bag valued at over $200 bucks!!
  • Free Event: Join the $100 Cash Holiday Shopping Giveaway – get a free link just for helping to spread the word about the event, and add additional links if desired. Sounds like a great way to kick off the holiday season, right?
  • NaBlPoMo: Yep, it’s time to join the National Blog Posting Month if you haven’t already – You have until November 5th to sign up. You can get details on the site – and there are even prizes available for everyone who reaches their goal of posting at least once a day during the month!
  • Giveaway: Join this completely free event for Bloggers with over 2,000 Social Fans – $50 Mirth in a Box Giveaway is now taking sign-ups!
  • Crock Pot Recipes: This is a super fun giveaway going on over on What U Talking Bout Willis – share your favorite crock pot recipes for a chance to WIN a sweet new crock pot for holiday cooking. {And I bet there’s a good chance she’ll be sharing that winning recipe on her site too!}
  • Nuby: Join The Miracle Momma as she co-hosts the Nuby Twitter Party on November 8th! Great products, great hosts, great prizes = a GREAT time! RSVP here to be eligible to win.
As always, if you have anything cool to share, leave a comment here. Affiliates that aren’t posted already, blog hops, linkys, or tips posts – anything that others might find helpful too. I do my best to get through the comments each week and tweet them all out too – so make sure to leave your links. Other than that – I hope you’re all safe, doing well, and having a rockin’ week!


{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. But all opps and leads listed are things that I trust, and have used myself. I only share what I love with ya’all! Photo Credit.}

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Blogger Opp: Join the $100 Holiday Spending Cash Giveaway Free Event!

I’m joining together with some great bloggy buddies to offer all of our awesomesauce readers some free holiday shopping cash. Why? Because our readers rock, right? I’d love to have you join the fun – Learn more, and get the sign up link at the bottom!
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Bloggertunities: Blogging Tips, Opportunities, Leads, and Events

Grow your blog – Monetize, find new leads and blogging opportunities, and get the best tips too… Hi all! Welcome to another weekly Bloggertunities post, a round-up of the best blogging tips, tools, leads, opps, and events of the week. I hope you’ll find some helpful stuff – and if you do, be sure to share it with your networks too!

bloggertunties: Blogging opportunites and blogging tips for mom bloggers

“The only thing we can control is us…our attitudes, our outlooks, our choices. Don’t stress over the rest. FOCUS on what you can control.” – Kim Garst {Found on the fab Domestic Executive Online} [Read more…]


Free Blogger Event: #JingleJubilee Giveaway Hop

It’s getting closer to my favorite time of year – Christmas!! And to help make it a little bit merrier for us and our readers, we’re hosting a super fun holiday hop full of prizes… So join us for this Free Blogger Event – the Jingle Jubilee Giveaway Hop!!

Jingle Jubilee Giveaway Hop - Free Blogger Opp
Bloggers, please join us for the Jingle Jubilee Giveaway Hop 2012!

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Join Me at the #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Party!

Party Details:

Join the #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Party from June 15, 2012 – July 2, 2012. We are giving away a year’s worth of Tombstone Pizza!

Party Rules:

  1. Sign into your Pinterest account or if you do not have a Pinterest account, visit to request an invitation to register for a free account. There may be a waiting period in between when you request membership and when you are issued an invitation.
  2. Create a #GrabSummerFun board on your Pinterest page. The title of your board must contain #GrabSummerFun.
  3. “Pin” five (5) summer fun and party ideas (Party Decor, 4th of July Fun and Treats, Summer Fun, etc.) on the #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Board, and tag each “pin” with hashtag “#GrabSummerFun” in the description.
  4. Grab one image from our #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Board of Tombstone Pizza or Drumstick Ice Cream and Pin it to yours with the hashtag.
  5. Come back and submit your name, email address and your #GrabSummerFun Pinterest Board link to (the linky on the party host’s RSVP post).

Hope you guys will join me for this one! If you loved the Pirate Pizza Party that we threw to celebrate the kick-off to summer vacation, then you’ll love finding more super creative, super fun, and super affordable ways to #GrabSummerFun with your family – so make sure to check this out!

pirate party foods

#GrabSummerFun – Pirate Pizza Party to kick off summer!




Stumble Tumble Tuesday – 5/1

Stumble Tumble Tuesday

Stumble Tumble Tuesday!

Welcome to Stumble Tumble Tuesday hosted by Acting Balanced and me – Sunshine and Sippy Cups! The goal of this hop is to use Stumble Upon to help you promote your blog posts and get more traffic. So read on, link up, and join the fun!


Please read this post to learn how to check to see if your stumble was successful. Some stumbles aren’t showing up, which takes away the fun for everyone. Take a sec to read it if you’re unsure – thanks! Now learn – How to Join the Party:

  1. Add a link. Link to a blog post that you would like people to stumble. It *must* be a link to an actual post and NOT just a link your main site.
  2. Make sure your link is StumbleUpon appropriate. SU is for “evergreen” content – posts that are just as interesting and relevant next year as it is today. Topics like recipes, crafts, tips,  and humor are all great. There are loads of categories that also work well on StumbleUpon too – to see more, check out your homepage on StumbleUpon for ideas.
  3. Stumble other posts. You don’t have to Stumble them all – The whole point is to find posts that you truly do like. StumbleUpon only works well for you if you’re giving thumbs up’s to content you truly enjoy – so check out some posts, and thumbs up the ones you love!
  4. Check to make sure that your stumble went through. You can do this by clicking on the “Info” icon. It’ll tell you if it was discovered or not.  The great thing about Stumble Upon is that it is fast and easy to do with the Stumble Upon toolbar – most posts should already be discovered, so you just quickly give ‘em a thumbs up, and move on to Stumble more fun stuff. Easy peasy.
  5. Please – Do not add your link if you aren’t going to Stumble anyone else’s posts. That’s like showing up to the party and forgetting to bring the drinks. It’s just not cool, man. And remember – One link per blog please.

When everyone participates, this is a super fun way to find really cool new content, fun new blogs to follow, and learn new things. And, if you have a great post to share, StumbleUpon can be a wonderful tool to bring new traffic to your best work too. Love it, right?


Parties are more fun with friends – so feel free to post about Stumble Tumble Tuesday on your own blog, and help us spread the word. The linky code is down below! TIP: The first person to “like” a post on StumbleUpon has to assign it to a category. If your post has not been discovered yet, please leave the category you would like it to be discovered in next to your link title. Example: Strawberry Shortcake Recipe (food). Thanks!



Color, Click, Capture – Photo Challenge

Color, Click, Capture

This Week’s Color, Click, Capture Party is On!

Welcome to Week 8 of the Color, Click, Capture photography challenge hosted by East9thStreetA Helicopter MomNap Time Is My Time and Sunshine and Sippy Cups.  This week our color is BROWN.

Winter Wine Tour

Winter Wine Tour

During the spring and summer months, the wineries in my area are in full bloom – filled with the greens of the vineyards, and bright flowers in the gardens. But, on our recent winter wine tour, there’s not as much color. Lots of browns covered in icy white. It’s a different kind of beautiful – and we had an amazing time. This was one of our stops along the way – Bonair Winery.

Want to participate in our challenge?  It’s super easy!  Here’s how it Works:

  1. Take a picture the represents the color of the week.
  2. Write a blog post that features your picture and link it up.
  3. Visit other people’s posts and hopefully find some inspiration!
  4. You can put the button and link code on your blog if you wish but it’s not a requirement.

Our color next week is WHITE – so start working on some great photos to share next Wednesday, in our weekly Color, Click, Capture photo party link up!