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10 Fun Fashion Pieces with Pockets!

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When it comes to fashion, I’m all about comfort. Even when dolled up, things MUST be comfy. There’s only one time I’ve ever purchased a pair of shoes that weren’t comfortable – and they did NOT last. Tossed ’em the first time I wore them to work, back in my 20’s when I worked at Macy’s. Left them in the break room with a “free, take me” sign, and bought a pair of flats to finish the day. I’ve been known to ditch a pair of ill-fitting undies too, and go without for the rest of the night. You can’t look good if you don’t feel good – at least I can’t. So, with all of that said, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am a total junkie for fashion with pockets. All the pockets.

10 Fashions with Pockets

One of my all-time favorite pieces that I wear almost daily is a long black cardigan from Good Body Good Mommy. It’s technically a cardigan for new moms, with loops and buttons to easily convert to help you breastfeed. But, just like I still use my Timi & Leslie diaper bag even though I’m way past baby days {it’s the best multi-tasking bag ever, and after 4 years traveling the world with me I’m just finally ready to get a new one!} – this cardi is way more than just a breastfeeding top. I have a lot of chronic health issues that just developed last year, and I’m still adjusting to all the changes that come along with that. But this cardi is a lifesaver! It’s long, and loose in the front when I need to cover my tummy when it swells up from ascites, but drapes beautiful and looks classy. When I have procedures done, it’s awesome in how it can button and cover while giving room to hook up needed wires and tubes. And it has pockets too – not bulky ones, they blend right in seamlessly, but are so handy and appreciated. Check it out here:

I’d already started to love unexpected pockets, then getting that cardi totally sealed the deal. I now look for pockets in everything. And lucky for me, that’s kind of a trend these days! So, here are a few other pocket-lovin’ fashions that I love, that I wanted to share for any of you other pocket junkies reading :)

Off shoulder pocket top

I am LOVING this top: Weekend Wonder Sweatshirt Tunic. Long and lean, a little slouchy, totally me. The pockets make it comfy to wear, and easy to carry my phone and lip gloss. And the super cute off the shoulder cut outs make it trendy and kinda hot. Paired with my usual leggings and tall boots, dangling earrings and sparkly bracelets, it’s as comfy as a tee and sweats, but much more pulled together. You can find it at my new fave shop – Hazel and Olive. Watch for the pop-up when you get there – if you sign up for their email newsletter you’ll get a coupon on your first purchase. Sweet, right?

Dresses with pockets are my jam. Now that I’ve learned that they exist, these are the only dresses I want now. I have a couple already, and Cents of Style has some really pretty choices! These floral prints work right now, even in the cold weather – just layer on a cardi, add some tights underneath, and a warm scarf to make it cozy. {Their plaid blanket scarves are a really fun way to pattern-mix.} Then as it warms up, swap the tights for strappy sandals or flips, and let your shoulders feel the sun. Ahhhhhh – can’t wait for sun again! {Did you see the snowman we built today? I am totally over the snow.}

Pocket dress

This is another piece from Hazel and Olive – the Peace of Mind Sweater Dress, in the new arrivals. Perfect length – long enough that I can still bend over, and don’t have to worry about sitting perfectly lady-like, because I am a clumsy mess, lol. And running around chasing a six year old means I’ve gotta be able to move. This works great over thick tights or fun leggings, or on it’s own with tall boots like these. And, pockets bay-bay.

Scarf with pockets

How cool are these? Not only are these infinity scarves totally cool and a great addition to any outfit, but they also have handy little hidden pockets too! Three of my very favorite patterns, and perfect “colors” since I live in black, grey, and white. These are great any time, but are especially great if you travel – you can tuck a medium sized cell phone, passport, cash, etc. right into the hidden pocket to keep super safe, and have more freedom since you don’t have to carry a bag with you. These are a must in my life. They’re all under $20 bucks too – White polka dot pocket scarf, arrow print pocket scarf comes in tons of other colors, and the grey quatrefoil comes in loads of color choices too. Right now they’re all on sale for $11 bucks each on Amazon, which is about what I paid when I bought mine too.

Pocket vest

I just ordered this long, tunic-length draped vest with pockets. I have a cardigan almost identical to this {except it doesn’t have the beloved pockets, sad face} – and I wear it at least once a week. I’m betting that this one will get worn almost as much – right now over long sleeve black tops, and in spring over tanks and sleeveless dresses. Super versatile, which is way important in my closet, since I’m a major budget-momma.

Ok, pants with pockets, no big surprise, lol. But, you need bottoms to go with the tops I shared, and these rock. They’re slim and stretchy, come in loads of fun colors {or, basic black and denim, if you’re a boring one like me} – and are super cheap too, so you can buy a few pairs!

You might remember that I used to talk about Karina Dresses all.the.time. Before I got sick, I used to travel so much. I lived out of my suitcase for months at a time. And I learned to absolutely love Karina Dresses – you can just roll ’em up and shove them in a carry on bag, they come out totally unwrinkled every time, flatter every body type, and tons of the styles have pockets. Every time I wore them people were so surprised at the pockets because they are made so well and lay so sleek, you don’t even notice – but they are perfectly placed to feel comfortable when you want to rest hands in them, and hold a surprising amount of junk without showing :) The Penelope polka dot dresses are my fave – I even have one in pink, one of the few things in my closet that’s a bright color!

Now – these have nothing to do with pockets. But if there’s anything else I like as much as pockets it’s sparkly accessories. So make sure to check these out and add a few to your pocket-filled fashions.

Let’s Chat: Share your fave pocket pieces with me! I’m always looking for fun new items that have pockets included, and love that it’s becoming a “thing” right now. Feel free to tag me in stuff you find and share online, or leave a comment or link below telling me what awesome stuff I should check out. I love hearing from you guys!



  1. sarah alexis says

    It really is nice to have pockets! I love that long black cardigan – a very practical piece that I would get a lot of use out of!

  2. These outfits are awesome and accessible for the average woman,love it.

  3. I love pockets, too…you’ve included some great items here – love so many of them!

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