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Deep Fried Waffles with Strawberries and Cream

Deep fried is one of my favorite flavors…. Lol – it’s true. And yes, that’s why I’m working so hard to live healthier and eat better, so that I can lose the weight I need before we open the pool for the summer. But, even though I’m working on losing weight – I still believe that we all need to splurge from time to time. I’m a dessert lover, but I don’t waste calories on sweets that aren’t even all that good – I’ll save up and splurge on something truly amazing. And lemme tell ya ladies – These deep fried waffles topped in fresh strawberries, ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream will rock your darn socks off. No lie. Check it:

Deep Fried Waffles topped with ice cream and strawberries

Great Waffle Off Recipes

These are as ridiculously easy to make as all of the other recipes that I’ve shared over the past week – as we help celebrate the Great Eggo Waffle Off. {The Waffle Off is a super fun sweeps event where you can create your own amazing “out of the box” recipes featuring Eggo waffles, for a chance to win some totally amazing prizes. See details at the bottom of the post.} Today’s recipe also adds Breyer’s ice cream to the list of delish ingredients – the combo of the warm, deep fried waffle and the ice cold vanilla cream are just incredible.

deep fried waffles with strawberries and chocolate

How to make Deep fried waffles with strawberries and cream

I’ve included an official recipe below, so you can print it, or save it to ZipList if you use that to keep your recipes handy like I do. But here are a few photos of the steps, to make you hungry…. :) And feel free to change it up – I included some other variations at the end of the post. So use what you like – my boyfriend doesn’t like whipped cream {crazy?} so this is his, with no whip. Your imagination is the limit!

deep frying waffles

First – deep fry your waffles. If you don’t have a deep fryer, here’s the one that I’ve been using for years, and absolutely love: Presto Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Deep Fryer. Just toss as many as you’re cooking into the baskets, and fry ’em up for a few minutes – watch them because they’ll cook quickly.

Making deep fried waffles

Once you’ve got the waffles fried up, place them on a paper towel-covered plate, and top with powdered sugar. If you wanted just a simple snack, you could actually stop right there – they are delicious like this, and taste like the county fair. So good. {Tip: Did you know that the lid from your parmesan cheese containers are the perfect size to top a mason jar? So handy.} If you’re going to add more toppings, you’ll want to have them ready and do so right away, before your waffles get cold.

Dreyer's ice cream and strawberries

My favorite topping is Dreyer’s Ice Cream – so creamy, with perfectly balanced flavor. I like things to taste “real” – no artificial taste to it, you know? Dreyer’s makes THE best vanilla. And we chopped up some fresh strawberries – I like them in bigger chunks, but you could slice them more finely too if you want to. Then just drizzle with your chocolate syrup, add whipped cream, and enjoy! Here’s the official recipe too:

Deep Fried Waffles with Strawberries and Cream


  • Cooking oil - enough to fill your deep fryer
  • 2 or more Eggo Waffles - variety of your choice
  • 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries {thawed if frozen}
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • Sprinkle of powdered sugar
  • Scoop {or two!} of Dreyer's Vanilla ice cream
  • Squirt or dollop of whipped cream
  • If desired: Chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherry, sprinkles


  1. Add oil to your deep fryer, and heat to medium heat.
  2. Drop Eggo Waffles into deep fryer - cook until light brown, 6-8 minutes.
  3. While they're cooking, chop your strawberries {or defrost, if needed} as big or small as you prefer. Sprinkle them in a bowl with a bit of sugar, and place in the fridge until needed.
  4. They're ready! Take waffles out of deep fryer, and put 'em on your fave plate. Ready for awesomeness to happen?
  5. Ok - awesomeness is a go! First, sprinkle some powdered sugar on the hot fried waffle.
  6. Next, top it with a scoop of Dreyer's Vanilla Ice Cream
  7. Then, cover the ice cream with those delish strawberries and their juice from the fridge.
  8. Add a squirt from a can of whipped cream, or a big ol' dollop from a tub of it. Either way - Yum.
  9. Last, but NOT least - add your favorite toppings! Nuts, syrups, fruits or sprinkles - anything you want. The more the merrier :)
  10. Sit down. Bat your eyes at your waffle-ness for a minute, smile, and devour. Good times!

Variations on this Deep Fried Waffle Recipe

Just like any type of dessert can be easily switched up with a different fruit or other topping. You could add just about anything to this recipe and it would still be delish. I’m thinking Blueberry Drizzler waffles, deep fried and then covered in ice cream and blueberry syrup, and sprinkled with fresh berries. Or, homestyle waffles deep fried, topped with ice cream, banana slices, caramel syrup, and pecans. Your imagination is the limit!

Eggo Waffle Recipes

I am excited to let you know that this week we will be working with Eggo.  We have been selected as a Chief Waffle Officer and get to share 7 amazing recipes with you, all featuring Eggos.  Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack!  I hope these recipes give you some creative ideas, because you can make your own and enter them in the Great Eggo Waffle Off for a chance to win $5000!


{Disclosure: I received complimentary Eggo products to assist me in creating and tasting recipes to promote and inspire others to enter The Great Eggo Waffle Off Contest. I’m a huge fan of Eggo and all opinions, recipes, and photos are 100% my own.}



  1. My goodness that looks good! I have never thought to deep-fry waffles, so gonna have to try out your recipe!!!!!!

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