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How to Get Paid Blogging Opps

Welcome to the Blogathon, bloggy ladies! It’s that time again, which happens twice a year… A time where we all commit a weekend to not just working on our blogs – we do that all of the time, right? But working on specific tasks, things we might not have thought up on our own, or things we know we should do – but either don’t know how, or haven’t had time. When you visit the Blogathon site you’ll find a seriously amazing blogger-themed giveaway: every task you complete this weekend gets you another entry to win. It’s always an awesome time, so you haven’t linked up yet, check it out! If you ARE already on board – then here’s your mini-challenge on How to Get Paid Blogging Opps.

How to get paid blogging opps

How to get paid blogging opps 

There are a million ways to make money from your blog. {Last Blogathon I wrote a post: How to Monetize Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps.} Another great resource for learning how to earn money from your blog is on Money Saving Mom, in a free ebook. To really monetize your blog, I encourage you to diversify as much as possible – use affiliates, write ebooks, do speaking gigs, teach classes – and just keep looking for the next opportunity. And one great way to find new opportunities is by joining quality blogging networks, and sponsored post sites. You’ll get opps to review products, write posts about brands, sites, or services, and earn an income while doing it. So – I put together this list of totally legit ways to get paid blogging opps. {These are all networks that I’ve worked with, and have earned at least one check from. So I can vouch for every single one.} If you have a favorite to add, please leave a comment so I can add it!

  • 1. Global Influence: This is a great network of over 1500 bloggers, founded by the amazing Amy Lupold Bair. Not only will you find great opps, but it’s also a really active community of bloggers too, with lots of support. Learn more and apply for Global Influence.
  • 2. SITS Girls: Do you want amazing support, super cool opps, and an awesome community to be a part of? Then you want to sign up to be a part of the SITS Girls today! Their opps are always really unique, and pay very fairly for the work involved. I’ve been with them since I first started blogging, and love them.
  • 3. Social Fabric: If you’ve never heard of them – it’s a community of Collective Bias, where they put a big focus on the shopper experience. You’ll participate in “Shoppertunities” – {see an example of a Shoppertunity here.} Learn more on the Social Fabric site.
  • 4. The Motherhood: Oh, how I love this site, and the women who run it! You can learn more about joining The Motherhood – just click the button to fill out the form on the right sidebar. One of my favorite projects to work on with them was creating the Chef Boyardee ebook. And, when Abby was going through her seizures and health problems, these awesome ladies sent us a handwritten card and gift, to boost our spirits. Amazing people to work with!
  • 5. Social Spark {IZEA}: You set up your account, and then you can browse offers to apply for. You’ll also often get direct offers that you can accept or decline. Learn more and join Social Spark.
  • 6. Mom Bloggers Club: This is a great group founded by the amazing Jennifer James – who I was so excited to get to hear speak at Reviewer’s Retreat last year. She was so motivating and inspirational, and went I got a chance to meet her after speaking there myself {first conference ever, AND first time speaking} – she gave such great compliments and made my day. You can sign up to be on their list, and be contacted for compensated opps during the year. Or, if you’re a generous type, you can join me as part of Mom Bloggers for Social Good – another group she founded, where we post about amazing non-profits each month. No compensation, but the awesome feeling of doing good is worth it. {Learn about my fave non-profit on Babble here.}
  • 7. Link Vehicle: Ok, this one you have to be a little bit aware – the amount that they quote you for a post or text link ad – you will only receive, you’ll only get 50% of that amount as a payment. So just be aware, and make sure you’re happy with the work you’re doing. But I’ve worked with them many, many times and have had a good experience – and they pay once a month.
  • 8. Influence: Ok – so maybe this isn’t an “opp” exactly. But there are a lot of other ways to make money from home, and use your influence to get things for free. So – always remember to think outside the box – Use that community that you’ve built up with our blog to earn other places too.
  • 9. One 2 One: This network doesn’t usually have a ton of paid blogging opportunities – but they do have some simple campaigns that can be fun to partner on. You choose which ones you want to sign up for – so you only pick what feels worth it to you, and has value for your readers. There is a high percentage of the type of campaigns where you “post for a chance to win” – But, I do quite a few of these. When it’s good content that my readers will enjoy anyway, or super simple to do like posting to social media, it’s worthwhile to me. The prizes are often $25-$100 Visa Gift Cards, or cool gift packages. I’ve won really often, and enjoy working with them. Learn more and sign up for One2One today.
  • 10. 
  • 11. Pollinate: This is a newer network – but seems to be growing quickly. Here are a few things that matter when thinking about joining – They prefer to pay via Chase payments, not PayPal. It’s an incredibly easy set up, and once you’ve done it, the payments are deposited directly into your checking account, which is really nice. Also – as of right now, the majority of their campaigns are centered around Cost Plus World Market – some that you need to shop at a local store {which I don’t have, bummer} – but many are able to be done online, like this one where I share my love of Owls. Simple directions, fair compensation, and great potential for growth make this one I definitely recommend checking out. Pollinate Media Group App.
  • 12. Double Duty Divas: This is the amazing group that puts on Reviewer’s Retreat, where I was invited to speak about growing your audience earlier this year. They are a ton of fun, and always putting together awesome new campaigns for you to partner on. You can read more about them, see the brands that they work with – and apply to be a Double Duty Diva too!
  • 13. SheHeard: Making Blogger to Brand Connections – that’s what they do! There are a couple of totally rockin’ ladies behind this network, and you’ll love working with them. Learn more about the site, and sign up to be a member of their great community today to get access to new opps.
  • 14. Mom Select: This is a great network that I’ve gotten some really cool partnerships from – Like the opportunity to have our homemade recipes in the Baby Brezza cookbook, which was amazing. They run campaigns on everything from earn a gift card for filling out a quick survey, to chances to host super fun product house parties. Love them. Join the Mom Select team.
  • 15. Business2Blogger: You’ll find everything from paid posts to product reviews on this site. I was able to get connected to a brand who flew me to Texas to cover a really cool event earlier this year, by applying for the opp on the Business 2 Blogger site. Lots of new opportunities going up each week, so check back often. Sign up for their Blogger Outreach.
  • 16. Mom Spark Media: If you’re following the Mom Spark blog, then you already know how awesome Amy is, who runs the site. She also has a network to connect bloggers and brands, called Mom Spark Media. It’s a paid membership – either $5 a month, or $40 a year – And after paying for my second year recently, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth it! You not only get connected with cool opportunities like sponsored posts, twitter party hosting, and sweet product reviews, you’ll also be able to access all of the great support forums too. Love it. {Updated – in the new year, this network will be FREE!}
  • 17. Simply Sassy Media: This is a great network to join – lots of opps from cool products to paid posts. You can request to join the Facebook group, and then check out their website to sign up to get their Blogger Outreach emails with new campaigns to apply for.
  • 18. Blogvertise: This is another site where not all of the writing campaigns are the right fit for me. But I choose carefully, complete a couple a week, and do the “grab bag” tasks to earn extra cash when I have the time. These aren’t really high paying offers – $10-$35, but they add up when you’re on a tight budget! Very easy to work with, and you only have to do the campaigns you want to do.
  • 19. Bookieboo: They don’t send opps out as often as a lot of the others do – but they have some really great stuff. Bookieboo is really focused on health, fitness, and well-being – so if that is something that you’re passionate about, they will be a great fit for you.
  • 20. Glam: This one is a little different… Glam is an ad network. So, to be able to work with them on their sponsored posts, you have to be a member of their ad network, and have at least one ad placed “above the fold” – which means it can be seen without scrolling down on your screen. They can also be a little bit tough to get accepted into – but if you’re not accepted, do try again later in the year. But I was able to travel with some other awesome blogging moms to the Nike HQ last year, and another member I know got to fly to NYC for her son to do a photo shoot for Target. Very cool stuff!
  • 21. Mama Buzz Media: This is a really great way to get connected to things like ambassadorships, reviews, sponsored posts, and more. Join the Mama Buzz blogger community to learn more.
  • 22. Mamma Media: I can’t believe that I forgot to add this one! This is a really great place to connect with other mom bloggers, and find some really cool opportunities and partnerships – Learn more on the site, and join today.
  • 23. Linqia: I love this site! You get to be a part of really great opps – like this one that I’m currently working on, to share savings on BISSELL products, and give away a carpet cleaner. Then, you get paid per click, up to a designated earnings level. And after the campaign is over, they pay via PayPal very quickly. Learn more and apply here.
  • 24. Lunchbox: I haven’t worked with them yet, but have heard really good things. If you’re interested in learning more about them, fill out this form to be added to their database of bloggers.

I hope that some of these have been helpful for you guys. Maybe you found at least a few new places to check out? And – If you’re a part of the Blogathon this weekend, then here’s your challenge to complete…

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Blogathon Mini-Challenge: Find at least one new site on this list to join. Leave me a comment on which one you’re going to try. Or – leave me a comment on a great network or site that I missed – I’d love to join it too!



  1. I actually decided to join 2 groups- Global Influence and Double Duty Divas! After taking a good look at both of them, I found that they might be a good fit for Edge of Insanity. Thanks for letting us know about them!

  2. Awesome and extensive list! I love it! I am dropping by from the Blogathon, thanks for the fab and very important post ;)

  3. Awesome list, thanks! :-) And I’d like to add that Mamma Media ( is picking up pace, too.

  4. Meagan your website is so awesome I just found it last week. I don’t mean to sound intrusive into your financials situation but if I made a blog following your steps how much money would I except to make? I know it all depends on the work I put into it but I’m just curious as to how much I could make doing it as my full time job and how long did it take you to get your blog up to the point that it is now? Thank you for any advise! It is truly an awesome blog! I’ve researched doing a blog a couple of years ago and never found all the info you provide an your blog!

  5. I joined Mom Bloggers Club, and I’m going to try for GLAM, and join Mama Buzz and Mamma Media. Going to Reviewers Retreat this year! Going?

  6. Thanks for another great mini challenge. I am a member of most of those, a lot of them have mostly US opps so they don’t make me as much money but then Canadians have ones that are just for us too. I signed in to Blogertise and updated my info and will give it another chance. I also signed up for Simply Sassy media.

  7. Hi! Great list. I just signed up for The Motherhood, I don’t think I’ve heard of them before. Question: is there such thing as signing up to too many?

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I definitely don’t think so! The more places that you are a part of, the more chances you have to connect with great opportunities that will be perfect for you. I’m a member of ALL of the ones listed, and probably more that I’m forgetting to put on the list too :)

  8. You rock! Thank you for this great list to work through.

  9. I was a part of most of them but need to bookmark this list so I can remember to become more active on them as I would like to start to make some money which is not happening. I did join Mama Buzz Media and Mama Media as I was not in them. I also signed up for Glam but was not accepted and I am not sure why not.

  10. Thanks for the list! I’m just dipping my toes into monetizing and I really appreciate all the links!

  11. I joined SITS Girls and did my first Saturday Shareathon today. I think I will take it slow and add one new group per month so I can really get the full benefit. I am definetely bookmarking this page though. Thanks for all the helpful tips you give on your site.

  12. I joined Business2Blogger, love your post.

  13. What a wonderful list and as I start branching out into branding opportunities, I will certainly check out these sites. I already belong to SITS and love the networking that group provides. I heard of Mom Bloggers club but joined just now to complete this mini-challenge. I love networking with other bloggers and end up spending more time visiting, learning from and commenting on other blogs than I do writing my own content for my blog. I am excited to join Mom Bloggers and Mom Bloggers for Social Good. I would love to use my blog to further info on worthy causes. Thanks for the awesome info and resources Meagan.

  14. Meagan, i am constantly on your site looking for new ways to earn money! lol I also just come over to your website because I love it…always have. You are such a valuable source of information! :) I had not seen Pollinate though until tonight so I joined that one. :) Thank you.

  15. Great list. Some I have already joined other’s I have tried to join before and didn’t get it. I did join Global Influence and going to try for Mamma Buzz

  16. I’ve joined Global Influence, ’cause I believe its the only one on the list that I hadn’t joined (except for the ones that are parenting related,) lol! :) What an awesome list!

    For any Canadians reading this post, there is a similar company to Glam called SheBlogs Media: They’re just starting up (less than a year old,) and they’re getting bigger and better everyday with a foot in the Canadian market.

  17. Thanks for this great list. I’ve made a note of it so I can return when the blogathon is over. I choose to sign up for Global Influence and received a message saying I’ve been added to a spreadsheet. Is that what you would expect? I thought I’d get more information so not sure what happens now.

  18. Today I joined the second network! Oh how I love this blog.

  19. What a great list! I’ll have to check most of these out later, some I’m already a member, and right now I’m going to sign up at Blogvertise! Thanks so much!

  20. I did Global Influence for now! I’m sure I will get to some more later on! Thanks!

  21. Applying for Global Influence. Thanks for the list!

    • Dear Meagan,

      Thank you SO much for this awesome mini-challenge! It is really helpful to have so many great resources in one place!

      From your list, I have joined Simply Sassy Media. I also plan to join SITS Girls & Business 2 Blogger.

      For a new network, I joined The Inspiring Moms Network:

      Have a wonderful week, and your blogging & social media articles like this one are more than welcome at Inspire Me Monday & Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! :-)

  22. I signed up for Social Spark. There are a couple more I’d like to look into, but I think I’ll do one at a time. Thankyou so much for this fabulous list.

  23. Wonderful list! I am going to be applying for many of the opportunities on here, since I haven’t heard of a bunch of them. I do belong to SITS :)

  24. I’ve bookmarked a few and am off to check them out. Thank you for being so generous as to share them!

  25. Great list Meagan! Another one you may want to add is Mom Central Consulting. I love working with them. They only pay in Amazon gift cards but you can buy just about anything on Amazon now so it works out nicely. :)

  26. Excellent list of blogging resources!

  27. This list is wonderful. My only problem is keeping track of everything I joined. I have to get a little more organized. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Hi Meagan! I am going to sign up for Mama Buzz Media, it sounds like one that I can get into and really keep up with and focus on! I absolutely love that you have supplied this list. Your posts are always helpful to me, and I am slugging along in my goal to get monetized.

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

  29. Meagan, thanks so much for mentioning TapInfluence (formerly BlogFrog)!

  30. These are great! Thanks for sharing :)

  31. Some of these I have been a part of for a few years with my other websites but you have a great list of a few I never heard of that might be a good fit for my new site. Thanks!

  32. Wow..this is a great list! I am involved with a few of them but some of these I’ve never heard of. I’m going to sign up for those now!! Personally, I love Social Fabric. Their campaigns are always great ways to create engaging content and the readers love them. Thanks for posting!

  33. I’m a blogger and can vouch for so many on this list. I would also like to add Splash Creative at as well as my own blogger network. I have been blogging since 2006, so I know how important it is to work with great brands and retain your own voice. Interested bloggers can read mroe about us and also sign up here:

  34. Great! Here’s a few more to add to the list. ;) These are some of my personal favorites.


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