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How to Make Choosing a Healthy Breakfast Simple & Delicious – #BreakfastLove

“Life is complicated, so we’re making healthy simple.” – IHOP… I am LOVING the new Simple & Fit menu from IHOP. It can be tough to make the healthiest choices when dining out, since you don’t always know how things are prepared, or how many calories a dish really has if it’s not listed. So it’s awesome when a restaurant cares enough to simplify it all, and clearly list the healthier options, and the details of what they include. Check out the new Simple & Fit line-up {and keep reading to win a $50 IHOP gift card too!}…

Simple & Fit Breakfast meals

These are just a few of the incredibly yummy choices available, you can see the rest of the under 600-calorie breakfast choices on their site. And this is NOT like most of the “healthy options” sections of a menu that you’re used to, where you’ll find a small handful of choices. No way mister – IHOP has created 30 new delicious meals for you to pick from. Want to see my personal fave??

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries

OhmyHECK. We headed out to IHOP a couple of weeks ago for a family breakfast. Since Mike and I are both on a mission to lose some extra pounds, we decided to check out this new Simple & Fit section of the menu. Mike did NOT think he would like it, since most healthier menus are usualy pretty bland and boring. But these Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries were seriously awesome. Powdered sugar, tons of blueberries, and an amazing syrup combined to make it seriously hard to believe that these were under 600 calories. And – if you already have a favorite dish that you look forward to ordering when you visit IHOP, they also offer some simple swaps that you can make to healthify it. Check it out:

  • Hold the butter or whipped topping
  • Substitute turkey bacon
  • Ask for sugar-free syrup
  • Ask for egg substitute or egg whites
  • Hold the cheese or ask for less
  • Ask for dressings and sauces on the side
  • For your coffee, use a sugar substitute or request 2% milk instead of creamer

I usually feel bad when I have to ask for substitutions or changes to a menu item. But these are listed right on the menu as smart swaps to make your favorites a little healthier, and they love to customize your meal for you. Honestly – the servers at IHOP are always some of the nicest that we come across – it has such a family feel. Which is why our monthly family breakfast get-together is always at our favorite IHOP midtown.

Everything you love about breakfast

Want to WIN your own free breakfast at IHOP? 

Check out my giveaway for an IHOP gift card to take your family out for a fab breakfast – anytime of the day! They also have a few awesome deals going on right now to help your bucks go farther – The 7 for $7, seven new meals for only $7 bucks each. 55+ Senior Meals – discounted choices for every day, if you’re over 55. And the kids menu – which also includes Simple & Fit options – and be sure to check out your local IHOPs, since many of them have “Kids Eat Free” nights.

Enter to WIN a $50 IHOP Gift Card Today!

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary gift card for IHOP, to try out their new Simple & Fit menu with my own family, so that I could offer a real moms opinion on these new dishes. All photos and opinions are 100% my own.}



  1. I’m pretty impressed with the choices on that menu. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Julie Cutshaw says

    I love. I hop and the whole wheat french toast combo looks awesome to try in the healthy breakfast choices, great review thanks

  3. Stephanie V. says

    veggie omlette looks great!

  4. Kristen eby says

    Te pancakes look soooo yummy

  5. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I like healthier menu options and like having an idea what–and how much!–I’m eating. I also like the portion size on the senior meals.

  6. My family heads to IHop for breakfast on the weekends, fairly often. I’ve looked at the Simple & Fit menu, and it has some great choices. Will have to give it a try! :)

  7. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to try the Simple & Fit 2 egg breakfast

  8. Margaret Smith says

    I’d love to try the Simple & Fit Whole Wheat French Toast Combo. So glad that iHop offers this lower calorie options.
    Thanks so much.

  9. Jennifer Marie says

    All of the options look great! I am glad that there are some healthier choices (that still taste great!) to choose from when going out to eat!!

  10. I like healthier options when I’m eating out. Your suggestions are good ones.

  11. their pancakes with fruit instead of syrup are really good

  12. The whole wheat french toast combo looks good.

  13. I have gone to IHOP and had their healthy whole wheat pancakes, and I have to say that they make the best pancakes I have ever eaten! I really enjoyed their Healthy breakfast options. I certainly would love to win this gift card so I can eat at IHOP again. They also have a great selection of omelets that I have tried!

  14. sarah hirsch says

    these look good! these dishes still look very indulgent for being under 600 calories

  15. I love IHOP and think it is great that they’re offering healthier choices for their customers. Next visit I’m going to try the SIMPLE & FIT Whole Wheat French Toast Combo. It looks yummy!

  16. I’m so glad I can choose one of these delicious breakfasts and not have to worry if it’s healthy or not!

  17. Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries look so good, I’d definitely try this first

  18. Good tips! I have tried sugar free syrup and it tastes great!

  19. All the choices look yummy!

  20. Hannah Horne says

    Everything looks very yummy :)


  22. Tracy Pryor says

    I love that they now have a healthier menu. The Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries look great.

  23. Barbara Montag says

    Wow they have a great menu!
    I one one of their light breakfasts and it was good.
    Thank you.

  24. never thouht you could get bacon on one of these!

  25. The 2 egg breakfast looks good to me!

  26. I love knowing this now!! Thank you so much for blogging about it! Now when we go for our Gingerbread Hot Chocolate ((TO DIE FOR Y’ALL—IF YOU HAVEN’T HAD IT, GO NOW before it’s gone!)) we can balance out the horrendous caloric consumption that usually goes along with it… We always order off the specials menu (the extra one they give with cheap deals for the season) and haven’t seen the changes in the regular menu in ages. Going to scrutinize it for sure, now! Thanks again! :)

  27. It’s nice that they offer these healthier breakfast options – you don’t often find that at a lot of restaurants, especially for breakfast. I would like to try the veggie omelette.

  28. Morgan Lepley Edger says

    The veggie omelet looks delish!

  29. Andrea Williams says

    Some of these look great, especially the crepes!

  30. I havent been to IHOP for a while. I am going to have to go check out their new items :)

  31. Julie Wood says

    IHOP has some of the best pancakes! The new healthier pancakes I want to try soon. These pancakes that you show look so delicious! I am going to get to IHOP soon!

  32. Ashley Hatten says

    the crepes look and sound amazing!

  33. This makes eating healthy look good! I am excited to try this new menu! I love IHOP!

  34. Carolyn N. says

    The wholewheat pancakes with blueberries sounds really good.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  35. Allison (Allie Lanc) says

    All of the Simple & Fit choices look good to me. I think I’d most like to try the mixed fruit crepe and then maybe the whole wheat french toast one. Yum!

  36. That mixed fruit crepes is my style. I loved eating crepes as kids. the pancake looks yummy too

  37. Erica Barnes says

    It’s nice to see they offer healthier options for those of us who like to eat healthy.

  38. Amanda Sakovitz says

    the pancakes look so good! Love them with blueberries!

  39. I love the new choices are healthier but still look delicious!

  40. These are all good tips. I usually ask for turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

  41. the pancakes look so good!!!

  42. I like that they have healthier menu options now.

  43. I love crepes the simple & fit mixed fruit crepes sounds great to me!

  44. i haven’t been to Ihop in years but looks like i need to go back! some awesome choices

  45. Karina Lee says

    this looks so good right now

  46. carol roberts says

    havnt been to i hop in like a year omgoodness it looks so good

  47. We always try to eat healthy. Sounds like IHOP is making a lot of healthy options!

  48. Although I definitely need to get in better shape, I have a really hard time resisting unhealthy menu choices. But, the mixed fruit crepes look delicious.

  49. Russell Moore says

    We love breakfast, but usually eat at home because of the high calorie and fat content. Glad to see someone is trying to do something about this.

  50. Michelle Bryan says

    I would love to try the whole wheat french toast.

  51. Kathleen Downes says

    Those pancakes look so good. Luckily we have an IHOP just down the street.

  52. The whole wheat pancakes with blueberrys I love blueberrys and this sounds yummy !

  53. I like that you can make so many substitutions because a lot of places aren’t very good with doing that. I think I would like the SIMPLE & FIT Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette.

  54. The breakfasts look delicious—you’re making me hungry!


    being southern, we like our comfort foods, eating healthier is a real challenge

  56. Good tips–sometimes hard to follow, but every little bit helps!

  57. Haley Prather (Kasprzyk) says

    ugh! that looks so incredibly good. i want some right now. yum yum yum.

  58. Michelle C says

    Oh wow, that french toast meal looks fantastic!

  59. Heidi Gail says

    the crepes look great.

  60. Jennifer B says

    I like that you can get egg whites

  61. Wow – the healthy and fit pancakes look so yummy!

  62. That looks so good! I Love that they have so many healthier options.

  63. they look so good!

  64. Jenny Divalicous says

    I love the egg choices.

  65. Darcy Novak says

    Now these sound yummy!! I am so happy to know that some places are starting to have healthier food.

  66. Ooh, I’d love to try the whole wheat french toast! I’m glad to see they’re trying to offer healthier options.

  67. Terry Cross says

    They have some delicious choices on their Simple & Fit menu

  68. I love IHOP and their Simple and Fit menu – I ve had several items on that menu before – like the French Toast combo…really tasty.

  69. Dagmara Hawkins says

    I love to eat at Ihop , their pancakes are delicious

  70. Rachel Newman says

    Love how their using seasonal fruit on the crepes.

  71. Id like to try SIMPLE & FIT Whole Wheat French Toast Combo

  72. I can’t believe that I can have the Simple & Fit Whole Wheat French Toast Combo and not feel guilty! I have to go to IHOP.

  73. Susan Ladd says

    Looked awesome !!!!!

  74. colleen boudreau says

    Those pancakes look delicious!!

  75. The pancakes sound delicious, but I am very eager to try out their crepes.

  76. I like their Whole Wheat Pancake with Blueberries.

  77. Aimee Fontenot says

    Wow all those choices look great…it makes choosing healthier easier

  78. Heidi Back says

    Love that they list the healthy options on the menu and make it easy for us!

  79. Thanks for letting me know about these great breakfasts at Ihop

  80. Oh my gosh, those pancakes look AMAZING. I’m going to have to stop in to iHop for breakfast one day this week!

  81. Richard Hicks says

    I am all for healthier choices especially when they are just as delicious and low in calories

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  82. I like that they have healthier options and the trick is not smothering them with extra sugar.

  83. Thank you so much for sharing this. I haven’t been to IHOP in ages and now I really, really want to try their simple & fit menu. I love that they have 30 meals to choose from since usually restaurants have only a couple healthy meals to choose from! Everything on IHOPs simple & fit menu looks delicious, I want to try it all.

  84. drooling.the 2 egg breakfast is probably what i’d order :-p

  85. sheila musselman askins says

    good tips! i love IHOP because they do have healthier choices. my fav is the whole wheat with blueberries..and my lil girl loves their veggie omelet!

  86. Cody Anderson says

    This menu looks great, especially the veggie omelet.

  87. Miz Vickik says

    Can’t beat their pancakes!

  88. Mya Murphy says

    having a healthy menu means alot in a restaurant!

  89. Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries sounds awesome

  90. 2 egg breakfast for me :)

  91. pancakes look so good!

  92. Stephanie Brown Eversole says

    I want those crepes! Unfortunately, I could probably eat three plates of them.

  93. oh wow those made my mouth water

  94. Lisa Garner says

    It’s great that they have over 30 healthy menu options! It’s usually so hard to find much healthy to pick from when eating out.

  95. The pancakes look so yummy! I am craving them now.

  96. The Seasonal Mixed Fruit Crepes look yummy.

  97. Wow, that’s a lot of healthy options!

  98. Whitney Lindeman says

    What a great idea. More places need healthy options that are actually tasty!

  99. bianca roman says

    I know I don’t like to skimp on breakfast meals, so this is awesome that they’re having this simple healthier breakfasts!!! I love chocolate pancakes and can’t wait to see what they have in place!

  100. Those pancakes look delicious! I like having healthier options on the menu since it really does help me make healthier choices if I want to. I’ve tried IHOP’s sugar-free syrup and I really like it and it saves so many calories and carbs.

  101. I love that Ihop is making it easier to eat healthy. I’m with you about asking for substitutions so it’s nice to know that they don’t mind them and even recommend them. thank you!

  102. Sandra K321 says

    These choices sound really good, especially the Seasonal Mixed Fruit Crepes. When I’m travelling it’s always hard to eat properly but this menu would help out a lot.

  103. All of the simple and fit meals look delicious. I would love to try the veggie omelet. I also like the swaps you listed to eat healthier at IHop.

  104. All looks yummy! I’d choose the Veggie Omelet.

  105. I love that they serve breakfast all day- it’s my favorite meal out (food wise) but I don’t like to eat in the mornings. They have some great choices, love crepes.

  106. Angela Neynaber says

    The French Toast looks yummy!

  107. trista doerfer says

    is there high fructose corn syrup? we avoid that at all costs. thanks for your suggestions though.

  108. My favorite IHOP meal is Belgian Waffles w/strawberries, and leaving the whipped cream off would be an easy thing to do.

  109. Denise Donaldson says

    The seasonal mixed fruit crepes look awesome! I am hungry now lol.

  110. I’m glad to see that the simple and fit menu still includes bacon in some dishes.

  111. The pancakes are the best!

  112. Thomas Murphy says

    This all look so good! I cant wait to try them.

  113. kathy pease says

    great tips i like finding ways to eat healthier and i will be trying these

  114. Carolyn Daley says

    I like the Funny Face Pancake at 480 calories & the SIMPLE & FIT Whole Wheat Waffle with Blueberries

  115. Kelsey Little says

    The french toast looks amazing.

    shopditzydiva@yahoo dot com

  116. spirit_kim says

    I like your ideas about asking for sugar-free syrup and turkey bacon because, I love pancakes. I do love their butter pecan syrup though.

  117. mary gardner says

    it’s so great to have healthy options when eating out. the simple and fit two egg breakfast looks especially yummy!

  118. Love the crepes option

  119. The seasonal mixed fruit crepes look really good!

  120. Kimberly L. says

    They have so many fantastic options. IHOP is my son’s favorite so we went there on a “date night” last week. I was so please to find all of the healthy choices for both of us. I love that the kid’s menu includes some nutritional information so you can teach your children about healthy options.

  121. Thanks for the giveaway… the veggie omelet & fresh fruit look great !

  122. all of these look good but I adore the fresh fruit crepes.

  123. Jennifer Boehme says

    That all looks good, but I am diabetic and need a carb menu instead of calorie intake.

  124. The Veggie Omelet looks yummy.

  125. Seasonal Mixed Fruit Crepes yum

  126. They give you some great choices on their simple and fit menu and the two egg breakfast looks really good. I’ll have to give this a try next time I’m at Ihop

  127. I like the light omelet with lots of veggies.

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