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“Share it Maybe” Sesame Street Parody Video #Humor

“I just met you, and this is crazy – But here’s my number. So call me, maybe?”… I’m guessing that you all know this song, right? I mean, how can you escape it? It seems to be on the radio every 1- to 15 minutes, it’s on every commercial, it’s referenced non-stop around the web… And like it or not, it’s so catchy that you’ll catch yourself singing along with it every time. {I even saw a blogger who made uh-may-zingly funny business cards that read – I just met you, and this is crazy – But here’s my handle. So tweet me, maybe?” And now this tune has spread all the way to Sesame Street! Check out Cookie Monster’s version of Call Me Maybe, by¬†Carly Rae Jepsen….

But you’ve got cookies, so share them maybe?

Can’t see this “Share it Maybe” Sesame Street Parody of “Call Me Maybe?” video? Watch it on YouTube here. I found this today in my email – I’m a subscriber to the Muppet Central forums, and get fun little updates like this once a week or so. Love it – and to be honest – I totally prefer Cookie Monster’s parody version of the song to the original. I’m a big Cookie Monster fan… :)

What do you think?

Leave a comment on this thread on Facebook, and vote for your favorite version of the video – Cookie Monster, or Carly Rae Jepsen? {And if you have any other fave parody videos, leave me the links so I can get some laughs checking them out too!}




  1. haha, that’s so cute! :)

  2. Way too funny! I literally just had this song on my mind since it was just on the radio!

  3. LOL!! Love it… Call me is Alex’s favorite song right now :)

  4. That is pretty cute!!!

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