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Infographic: Women, Children, and Debt

As women, we may not always be the main income earners in our household, {even though many of us are.} But usually, we are the ones doing most of the family spending in our homes. From picking out the newest school clothes, cool decor and accessories to make our houses a home, and the food and gear to keep our families lives running smoothly – even the women who don’t earn all the money are usually the ones doing the basic household spending. But, a big problem is that so many of us moms don’t really want to think about our “real” financial picture. We’re good with our basic budget – but don’t always focus on our debt level, or other “big picture” financial facts. But – since we’re all such savvy shoppers, and know what’s truly best for our own families – it’s time that those of us who are not focusing on debt and long-term finances get involved!

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What do YOU Think?

Do you handle the household spending in your home… Or do you organize all of your families financial info? Do you have any great tips or resources to share? What are your biggest challenges? I love hearing from you guys – so leave some comments…



  1. I know that if I was a single mom, my debt would definitely be higher. I am the primary earner in my household, but somehow I cannot seem to get “control” of my husband’s spending. It seems the more I earn, the more he spends, and the less he contributes…ugh!!

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