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10 Blogging Goals for 2012 – Starting with “Be More Awesome”

New Years Resolution Quote

My 10 Blogging Goals for 2012

1. Be More Awesome! Yep, that’s right. This year is all about simplifying – in life, in work, in relationships, in my daily chores, everything. If it makes me smile – then I need to find ways to add more of it to my days. If it only causes me stress, then I need to figure out ways to fix it, get rid of it, or just let it go. I’m going to fill each day with awesome. This year is going to be a rock star year for me, I can just feel it….

2. I Love Social Media. It’s true. I am a total social media junkie. And this year has brought NEW social media sites for me to get hooked on. I’m now totally addicted to Pinterest – I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve lost there. And I’m starting to kind of get into this whole Google+ thing too. So – my social media goals this year: 10,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter by the end of March. Reaching that goal would be a pretty cool way to celebrate my one year anniversary of my blog, right?

3. Attend my first blogging conference! This one is pretty easy, since I was recently invited to speak at Reviewers Retreat this summer!! Woo – Super exciting! It’s in North Carolina, and I’m in Washington State – so that’s a lot of travel. I’m hoping to find a sponsor to partner with for this event, as well as for BlogHer, which I’ll be attending in August. But I want to make sure if I partner with someone, it’s a good match, and we can both bring each other huge benefits, so I’m still planning….

4. Get new business cards. This may sound boring – and that’s the point! So many business cards are boring as can be. I want to put together a new set of SUPER cool cards. If that’s my first connection with someone, I want it to let them know that I’m anything BUT ordinary! {Have you seen the amazingly creative business card ideas at}

5. Connect locally. I had the chance to partner with a couple of local business owners this summer, and loved it. Most of my blog readers are from out of the area, but I’m going to work on connecting more with moms in my local community. I’m hoping that I can meet some great local women to promote this year!

6. More “real life” promotion. While I LOVE what I do online, and am amazed at the way my posts can reach across the country – and sometimes even farther! – I’m excited to come up with some new ways to promote the brands I work with offline too. I’ve got a few ideas I’m cookin’ up – but I’d LOVE to hear your ideas too. {Which is my way of saying – Leave me a comment with some advice! Lol}

7. Get more organized. Last year was a total whirlwind, and I’m still trying to catch my breath. I’m going to start menu planning to make more time in the evenings. I set up a new account at Manilla to help me organize my household accounts. Email can be crazy – so I’m using OIB to sort it for me. I’ve finally figured out a system for a blogging binder that works perfect for me. Hopefully getting some good systems in place will help me feel less overworked and overwhelmed!

8. Learn SEO skills. I’m incredibly tech-challenged. My brother was helping me with a project the other day, and asked me how many pixels of padding I wanted on the image. I said – I don’t care how many pixies you use, just get it done. He replied – “And your the successful website owner, while I’M the web designer who can’t find a job….” Lol. I’m amazed every day at what I’ve learned – But my next big goal is to get better at Search Engine Optimization. I bought a book. So that’s a start :)

9. Media Kit. I need to make a new one. One I actually like. I may need to hire someone for this. If you have a good suggestion, I’d love to hear it – Leave me a link in the comments!

10. Time Management. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. And I have more enthusiasm and ideas then I do time. These combined mean that I sit at this computer WAY more than I should. I told you how I struggle with housekeeping routines, even though I’m a total clean freak. And I want to make more time to take Abby fun places around town. So I’m going to really work on sticking to a time limit on how many hours I spend online. {That doesn’t count my iPhone though… Words with Friends anyone?}

What are YOUR goals for 2012?



  1. Hi Meagan – loved this post – excellent! Hope to see you on Facebook – also love social media!!

  2. Great goals. My goal is to get through Probloggers 31 days to a better blog & implement all his suggestions to make my blog amazing!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I’m SO excited to get started at that book too! I didn’t expect to like the First Week book that much – But it’s totally helped me sort out my thoughts and get more organized. I can’t wait to see what the 31 days book and challenge will bring! Glad you joined in on that! :)

  3. Terrific list! With your awesome attitude I have no doubt that you will accomplish these!

    I’m trying out a new patter this year by focusing on monthly goals. My primary focus is on getting organized this month and working on better health aka improving my diet.

  4. Hmm…yeah, I should probably set some goals. Yours are pretty great and I may nab a couple of them.

  5. Ok gosh! Take time to breath! More ME Time and exercise more!

  6. You have a fantastic list of goals. I need to make some concrete ones, too. Learning SEO will be on that list as well as building more relationships (with other bloggers and companies.) But, I also need to find a balance so that blogging does not take over my life.

  7. You ARE awesome, so I’d say “Mission Accomplished!”. :)

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      No YOU’RE awesome.

      Hahahha – We could do this all day, lol.

      But seriously, thank you! I’m lovin’ your new site too. I’m adding some links to you in a few posts I have comin’ up!

  8. Excellent post. I love “Do more of what makes you happy” :)

  9. I need to work on time management so bad!!

  10. I agree, better time management is on my blogging resolution list too!

  11. I love your goals, several of them are the same as mine. I want to take my blog to the next level, so I’d like to work on my network building skills, and writing. I would also like to improve my photography skills, since Pinterest has become so important for traffic lately, and I think it will continue to grow.

  12. Love your goals looks like you can mark #2 off the to do list


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