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Why I have mixed feelings about “Extreme Couponing”.

Have you been watching the new TLC show Extreme Couponing? I’ve only watched some clips online, and have mixed feelings about it. I think that it is great that it has helped make couponing a bit more “trendy” with all of the attention. I also like that it does share some great tips and tricks, and I’ve learned a lot of new stuff.

What I don’t like is the “extreme” focus of the show. I mean, how many people really have the time and effort to spare that it would take to leave a store with $150 worth of stuff for $5 or $10 bucks, really? And even if you could find the time to do it once, this isn’t really very realistic. This is why…

The average household couldn’t spend that much time on a weekly basis just to get their food free. Plus, another big problem that I see is that the things that they purchase are not going to work to make meals each night, you know? I understand that they probably stockpile their great buys, and put them together with other products… But you will still need to have “regular” grocery shopping trips to get needed ingredients and produce, right? Plus, it seems rather greedy to wipe out whole shelves in the store, leaving nothing for the next mom that comes through with a coupon.

So, as I said, I have mixed feelings on this. What do you guys think?? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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  1. Lisa Borth says

    A lot of them aren’t as extreme as the show makes them out to be. They’re told to do an extreme shopping trip, bigger than any they’ve ever done before and get as much as they think they can.
    I’m not sure about one of the ladies tonight, but the rest of the people on the show so far call stores ahead of time to tell them if they’ll be buying a large quantity of items so the stores can order enough and not get cleared out.
    I can agree with the whole not seeing how they’d be able to make meals every night, without shopping often since produce does eventually rot.

  2. I am watching it right now. I gotta say I agree that this is not normal and that these people are being asked to “live large” to show what you can do with coupons. However, I cannot ever see myself stockpiling (aka hoarding) in every single nook and cranny in my house. Are you really going to use 160 containers of mustard? It’s a waste of money to buy something you don’t use just to use a coupon UNLESS it is free with the coupon. Free is free!!! Our neighbors often bring their freebies to us! Last week they brought us ketchup and a bottle of store brand cola that they got for free by buying items that they would have bought anyway. HEB always has freebie things like that. OK, I have strayed off the subject. Extreme Couponing is just that – EXTREME!!! I have no intention on crowding our already crowded house with extra shelving for items that will just sit there and gather dust. Over the top!!!

  3. P.S. How bad can your life be that, at 24 years old, the better option for a Saturday night is to clip coupons?!!!!!

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